Fraterfest Read-A-Thon

It’s October, time to celebrate Things That Go Bump in The Night, brought to you by Kimba- The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  Kimba is reading books with Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts, Shapeshifters, Witches and other creatures of the night and part of the experience is the Fraterfest Read-A-Thon, inspired by paranormal thriller author Rhiannon Frater.

I honestly have no idea how many books I’ll get through this readathon so I’m just going to give myself some room to pick and choose whenever I need to…also I’m having a horrible time trying to narrow the list down. My overall goal is to finish at least 2 books but it would be awesome to finish 3 or more.

  • Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris – Not quite scary but it’s quick, easy, and it will get me into the swing of reading at full speed
  • Halloween is for Lovers by Nate Gubin
  • Hallowland by Amanda Hocking
  • Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendre Blake – Audiobook
  • Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
  • Become by Ali Cross
  • Night Veil by Yasmin Galenorn
  • Exiled by M.R. Merrick

Alright so I think that should be enough to keep me busy. I’ll be adding updates to this post throughout the readathon so make sure to check it out . Happy Reading!!

Friday – Reading Dead Reckoning.
Also completed the Name that Vampire Challenge

Saturday – Finished Dead Reckoning and started Become.
Also completed the Cover Sleuth Challenge

Sunday - Still reading Become

Monday - Finished Become and started Exile

Entry for the Fraterfest Bash - My dress and my date Armand…who better to bring to an outing than the auburn-haired angel himself.

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8 thoughts on “Fraterfest Read-A-Thon

  1. Great picks! Hallowland is a really quick read, and you can’t go wrong with Kim Harrison. Good luck! :)

  2. Definitely looks like an awesome list there! I hope you’ll manage to get through more than two–not that two is bad at all! I’ll be happy to reach that goal myself, haha.

    Aww, I wish I could read Anna or the sequel! So perfect for this Readathon! Lol. Good luck! :D

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