Review: I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osborne

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Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Edition: Paperback, 391 pages
Genre:Nonfiction Autobiography
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Rating: 5/5

“They’ve said some crazy things about me over the years. I mean, okay: ‘He bit the head off a bat.’ Yes. ‘He bit the head off a dove.’ Yes. But then you hear things like, ‘Ozzy went to the show last night, but he wouldn’t perform until he’d killed fifteen puppies . . .’ Now me, kill fifteen puppies? I love puppies. I’ve got eighteen of the f**king things at home. I’ve killed a few cows in my time, mind you. And the chickens. I shot the chickens in my house that night.
It haunts me, all this crazy stuff. Every day of my life has been an event. I took lethal combinations of booze and drugs for thirty f**king years. I survived a direct hit by a plane, suicidal overdoses, STDs. I’ve been accused of attempted murder. Then I almost died while riding over a bump on a quad bike at f**king two miles per hour.
People ask me how come I’m still alive, and I don’t know what to say. When I was growing up, if you’d have put me up against a wall with the other kids from my street and asked me which one of us was gonna make it to the age of sixty, which one of us would end up with five kids and four grandkids and houses in Buckinghamshire and Beverly Hills, I wouldn’t have put money on me, no f**king way. But here I am: ready to tell my story, in my own words, for the first time.
A lot of it ain’t gonna be pretty. I’ve done some bad things in my time. I’ve always been drawn to the dark side, me. But I ain’t the devil. I’m just John Osbourne: a working-class kid from Aston, who quit his job in the factory and went looking for a good time.”

I Am Ozzy is, very obviously, Ozzy Osbourne’s autobiography. In it he lays out his life, or at least as much of it as he can remember, and comes clean about the things that were truly going on it. First off I’ll try not to be bias about it because I am a Black Sabbath and Ozzy fan because I do love it for that reason as well.

The first thing you should realize is that this book actually was written by Ozzy and not by someone else in secret, that much is obvious just by the way it’s written down. Every sentence is exactly as Ozzy would say it, so much so you can practically hear him narrating it for you. So there are things to remember; the grammar is off at times, there is the use of slang words (so brush up on British slang), and he DOES NOT sugar coat anything. He also gives fair warning that what he has written may or may not be the exact way it happened, as he does have a bit of a memory issue thanks to the drugs and drinking. That brings up another warning for you, if you don’t not like to read about (in some detail): sex, drug usage, drinking, animal/human abuse (as there are some regrettable instances), or the usage of curse words….then this book is probably not for you.

I personally loved this book. As a fan of his music you probably know some of the stories about things that happened in during his concert years, but you for the most part you never really knew what went on in his mind. This book offers that side of the story and some of it was shocking, other parts hilarious, and then there were the ugly moments. The only thing that I suppose truly amazed me was how severe his addictions truly were, I mean normal people would keel over after a week of living at his worst but he came out of it practically healthy. The only problems I had during it were some of the slang words and some of the abuse. I’m not terribly familiar with British slang for things so I had a few head scratching moments  for instance, “quid” is slang for their money but I had no clue the value of it so it caused me the most issue. The animal abuse I can’t say was shocking since he was fairly out of his mind with drugs most of the times and he expresses his remorse for all the instances that had occurred, but as an animal lover I had few cringing moments where I had to read fast. The human abuse was a little shocking but not all that bothersome after the animal abuse. But if you’re a fan then some of the instances you only had one side on that you are curious about chances are it in here. The bat incident, the crazy rumors, the quad accident, the ideas behind songs and albums, what he really thought about all the satanism and animal mutilation that his fans linked him to…pretty much all of it.

This has become a favorite of mine, because even thought it’s blunt and gritty and caused me to cringe just as much as I laughed, it was immersion and true to the person who wrote it. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Ozzy’s music, or those who have an interest in rock and roll history.

5 stars

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