SelfSame by Melissa Conway

Page Count: 153

Rating: 4/5

A stillborn child revived. The past and the future intertwined. One girl lives two very different lives.

By all appearances, Sorcha Sloane is a typical small-town teen taking twenty-first century life for granted. While two centuries in the past, Enid Thompson is a poor farmer’s daughter in colonial New England. But Enid and Sorcha are the selfsame girl – one soul split between two bodies in a link that stretches across time. Every night while Enid’s body is sleeping, she wakes in the future as Sorcha, just as the old medicine man prophesied at her birth. And every night when Sorcha sleeps, she wakes in the past as Enid, in a frontier world on the brink of war. She only trusts a chosen few with the truth, until Ben Webster comes into Sorcha’s life and tells her his family has been desperately searching for her for over two hundred years…

I’ve been rather swamped with reviews and books to read lately, and I put myself on a strict Netgalley/library diet…and then I saw Melissa’s review request in my inbox. I read the little blurb and just knew that despite not having time I was going to read it, I promptly put my other books aside and agreed to review it. I’m very happy to say that it was just a good as I had hoped it was going to be.

The concept behind the plot was the primary thing that caught my attention and I knew that if the author could pull it off it would make for a really interesting read. I would definitely say that she did more than just pull it off and she blew me away with the attention to details. The whole experience of reading about these two girls’ lives was just fantastic and I was hooked. I loved how they were set in two time periods so drastically different and I loved seeing how Enid/Sorcha dealt with it. There is a lot that can go wrong with stories revolving around time travel like the introduction of paradoxes or loosing characters’ voices in the transition, however Conway handles it rather expertly and makes sure to cover all of her bases. Enid’s voice is distinct and different from Sorcha’s though they borrow from each other a bit as far as knowledge goes, which I thought was excellent. I mean honestly who would pass up the opportunity to use practical and useful knowledge in the past, like plants that can help pain? I also really liked seeing how Sorcha reacted to the things Enid had to do and endure during her time period (1700’s), and it pained me to see her struggle with not being able to do anything about it. The inclusion of Enid’s importance was also a fantastic touch and I found it to be rather humbling to think about in an overall sense. They go through so much and yet they still have the will to carry on despite how heavy it all gets at times.

The main character(s) Sorcha and Enid are wonderful and I was behind them 100%. Their personalities are nearly the same however their time periods really determine how that personality it displayed. Enid is forced to be a quiet individual who does as she’s told because it is her place but she is also forced to be more adult than her age. Sorcha is an independent teenager who can speak how she feels and will stand up for herself, but being in the present time means she is still in a teenagers place. It’s wonderful to see the difference side by side, and to see how one person can handle both. Joseph held my heart from the moment he was first introduced, I loved his strong willpower and determination. Ben and John made excellent side characters for Sorcha’s world, and I can honestly say I hate John. I’m pretty sure I’d never want to met him, especially if it involved getting in his way.

Overall is a great read about love and sacrifice, and I was really impressed with how well it was executed. I recommend this wholeheartedly and I plan on checking out Conway’s other books as soon as I can.

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  1. This sounds cool and i love time travel, delighted to hear the author maintained control and it worked. The characters sound enchanting..not sure about the creepy Awesome review cupcake!

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