Saturday Issue Review: New Avengers Vol.2 – Sentry


New Avengers SentrySource: Purchased
Publisher: Marvel
Series: The New Avengers #7-10
Edition: Paperback, 152 Pages
Genre: Graphic Novel
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Rating: 3/5

The Avengers try to help the most powerful super-hero in the world figure out who he is and where he came from But will this knowledge destroy the man they are trying to help? Collecting New Avengers #7-10 and New Avengers Most Wanted Files.

So I’m going through a lot of comic books lately and surprisingly there are very few typical superhero story-lines mixed in there. I’m sort of blaming it on this series right now, because even though I’ve only read 10 issues of it and it has a ton more I feel like it’s boring. Superheros and supervillians should never be pair with boring, it just don’t make sense. The first volume was decent enough for a start and it had a lot of promise to be big, to sort of live up to big things like Disassembled and then House of M, but this volume lacked any of the initial spark.

We’re fully introduced to Sentry, who was only briefly spotlighted before as a shivering half naked guy who said he killed his wife. We meet him again and he’s pretty much the same, though eventually he does put on more clothing. I feel like they were trying to give Sentry a good introduction into the Avengers, but instead it turned into a mess that I could barely follow. We find out his background or lack there of, and eventually we find out why…and then I threw my hands in the air because at the end of I failed to see the point of wasting 4 issues on something so trivial. He does some stuff, it’s kind of cool and makes a mess…and then we find out why and it’s convoluted mess of lame.

So while the art remains pretty nice and Spiderman still makes me laugh, this one failed to deliver truly worth my time. I am interested to how the Sentry story-line plays out or if it just gets lost, and the next section of issues promises some more answers in terms of Spider-woman so I’m curious enough to continue.

3 star

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2 Responses to Saturday Issue Review: New Avengers Vol.2 – Sentry

  1. Uh oh, boring is never good but Spiderman made you laugh so that is good, hope the next one comes through!

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