Saturday Issue Review: Batman Volume 1:The Court of Owls

Court of OwlsSource: Borrowed
Publisher: DC
Series: Batman (New 52) #1-7
Edition: eBook, 176 Pages
Genre: Graphic Novel, Batman
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Rating: 4/5

Following his ground-breaking, critically acclaimed run on Detective Comics, writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire) alongside artist Greg Capullo (Spawn) begins a new era of The Dark Knight as with the relaunch of Batman, as a part of DC Comics—The New 52!

After a series of brutal murders rocks Gotham City, Batman begins to realize that perhaps these crimes go far deeper than appearances suggest. As the Caped Crusader begins to unravel this deadly mystery, he discovers a conspiracy going back to his youth and beyond to the origins of the city he’s sworn to protect. Could the Court of Owls, once thought to be nothing more than an urban legend, be behind the crime and corruption? Or is Bruce Wayne losing his grip on sanity and falling prey to the pressures of his war on crime?

Collects issues #1-7 of Batman.

The reboot of Batman actually surprised me by offering something new while maintaining the moodiness that is inherent for a Batman comic.

The story was really enjoyable, with a injection of brilliance and a new enemy that really gives Bruce a run for his money. The Court of Owls is a mysterious enemy hidden farther in the shadows than Batman himself, and seemingly has ties into everything. I loved seeing Bruce find out he’s wrong…it’s rare, but it’s nice to see him be humbled for once…even if it does threaten his life. It was really interesting to learn about the mysterious group and even though we learn the extent of their cruel ‘rule’ we still have plenty to figure out as the story continues.

The only downfall of this one was Batman himself, and that’s just because he get’s far too moody and anytime he swears he ‘knows’ everything I just want Alfred to reach out his white gloved hand and smack. (But we know Alfred is too good for that).

Overall this volume was engaging from beginning to end and with a fresh new enemy it promises to give us even more in the future. I look forward to seeing how Batman manages to recover from his encounter and if he can take down the Court of Owls.

4 stars

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3 Responses to Saturday Issue Review: Batman Volume 1:The Court of Owls

  1. You wanted to smack Batman or make Alfred do it..LOL Have you seen the viral video of Bat-Dad on you-tube? My hubby walks around mimicking him. Yesterday he walked by and said. “don’t bang the keyboard so’ll break the keys” I wanted to shoot him.

  2. Pamela D says:

    I am a huge Batman fan, but I agree with you that he is becoming far too moody for his own good.

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