Reading and Ranting: I Have Room For More…Right?

readingrantingSo I had plans to do a hoarding/collection post this week and I changed my mind at the last minute. I don’t really mind sharing with you guys that my brain is a bit wonky and some times I need to relieve stress by collecting large numbers of things…but I wasn’t happy with the post so it’s on hold for now.

Instead I figured I would do a sort of bookshelf tour. So I’ll let you be the judge, do I have room for more?


Whenever a new book enters my house I go from ‘super happy to have a new book’ to ‘Oh crap…where the hell am I going to put this?’ In some cases I even sit down and start reorganizing shelves, just to fit one book…but I always manage to make it work and some how I don’t have books all over the floor. Okay, I do have books on the floor but they’re under the bed so clearly they don’t count. ;P

photo 1On the right is my Young Adult shelf. It also has a shrine to Harry Potter, which includes stuff like Snape’s wand, a Timeturner, Β and a Chocolate Frog box. Β To the left is a mix shelf which has my comics, Middle Grade and some of my Children’s books on shelves two and three, and at the bottom are my manga.

photo 2

The same shelves but without the first layer of books. For those who have not seen the stuff on top, yes those are real skulls…deer skulls actually. My old (and dead) kindle is in the middle, with the samurai sword set and a larger katana, and to the right is a picture and film piece of Snape.

photo 3

These are the top three shelves of my third bookcase. All of these are considered ‘literary fiction’, so everything for classics to Anne Rice. The mug on the top shelf is where I keep all of my bookmarks.

photo 4

These are the bottom two rows of bookcase three which holds my romance, science fiction, and fantasy novels. The box on the bottom is my TBR box, which I use to pick a book from my shelf at random. The little dragon on the top shelf was made by Julie Kagawa.


This is my last actual shelf and it’s above my tv. This is where I keep all of my Advanced Reader Copies, I clean this off periodically and get rid of the ones I don’t want anymore. So for the most part these are ones I want to keep or still need to read. It’s also where I keep my borrowed books and my Lego Hobbit Hole, Balen and Bofur say hello!

photo (1)You thought I was done didn’t you…well I am after this. These are all of the Star Wars books my dad gave me, which I’ve been too afraid to put on my shelves or the fear of actually running out of room. However I’m going to attempt it after I finish this post.

So other than my college text books, a small stack of ARCs that are in my giveaway pile and about two boxes of children’s books…these are all of my books!

Quick update: I put all of the Star Wars books on the bottom shelf of my third bookcase, so the room you see on the bottom two rows…is completely gone.

So what do you think? I have room for more…right?

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22 Responses to Reading and Ranting: I Have Room For More…Right?

  1. Oh yeah, you can always have more books. I have boxes and boxes that I am waiting on my hubby to buy and assemble bookcases for and will prb still have more in boxes

  2. Yep. There is plenty of room. πŸ˜‰ Your shelves look amazing girl! Love it.

  3. There is always room for more books and the issue isn’t too many’s not enough bookshelves!

  4. tonicate10 says:

    There was a point in my old room that my floor was almost covered with books because I ran out of shelf space.

  5. Angie F. says:

    Awesome! I love shelf pictures!

    I may need to steal your “mug of bookmarks” idea. I have some floating around in a drawer and just grab which ever one I see first…LoL

    I actually had to rearrange my shelves last night! I got a signed trilogy in the mail and had nowhere to put them! I made it work though, but I had to take a couple of hardcovers out, so I’m reading those next to be rid of them. πŸ˜›

    • Steal it! I use to have the laying around but I’m notorious for loosing bookmarks in the weirdest places, so I had to come up with something. It’s my old high school graduation mug, so since I’m never going to drink out of it I might as well put it to use!

  6. Pamela D says:

    There is ALWAYS room for more books. πŸ™‚ When I am desperate for space, I start seeing more books that I am totally okay with donating to charity. I also start getting more inspired to read ARCs. πŸ™‚

  7. Christy says:

    Kim and I sometimes share brain waves, because I was going to say what she said. A couple of years ago I gave away hundreds of books, and now only keep 3-5 at a time. Any I get are re-homed. Just don’t look on my kindle. lol.

    • I think I’d have an anxiety attack if I gave away that many books…I can barely let my friends borrow books without immediately wanting to get the book back. I do donate quite a few through out the year, but clearly not enough. πŸ˜›

  8. lab1990 says:

    This is how I feel about all my books, except you have more of a system. I wish I had sections for certain age levels but I don’t really. LOL I just have books everywhere. Some things I’ve already read are mixed in with books I haven’t read, and so forth, so it’s a bit of a mess. So many books I really need to read, good lord…it’s a problem, but one I’m not bothered by.

    So yes, always room for more. It might be hard to FIND a place, but hey, you have a bathroom and other rooms too right? LOL

    Lauren from

  9. Greg says:

    Oh there’s always room for more… somehow. Maybe. Seriously though, nice shelves. Yours are organized better than mine! Is that a stack of Redwalls I see in that first pic? I’ve been wanting to try that series for a while…

  10. You’re so organized! My books are all over the place and I have a hard time finding them when I want them. I totally understand this feeling. Sometimes I don’t know where to fit the books I have, and I always have the need to re-organize them just so I can fit everything. But then new books come along and then I’d have to do it again!

  11. christopher Goben says:

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