Reading and Ranting: The Olympics!


So this topic has nothing to do with reading …or ranting, but I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite events and maybe shed a little light on why I love it so much.

Olympic Love

Some of this might know this already but I’m not a sports person…or I should say I don’t like to watch them. I can’t stand watching football, basketball irritates me with all the shoe squeaking, and baseball will put me to sleep. I just can’t get into it…except for two very special occasions the World Cup and the Olympics. Since this is obviously an Olympic post I’ll save the World Cup talk for when that rolls around (you’ll definitely get to see me as a kid playing soccer).

The Olympics hold a special place in my heart and it has nothing to do with my former loving of playing sports, in fact it’s more self-centered than that. (I’m just being honest) In 1996 the Olympics came to Atlanta, GA…the Opening Ceremonies just happened to fall on July 19th, my birthday. I remember being incredibly excited about it and if I remember correctly there were moments I thought that my birthday and the Olympics had some sort of connection…because that’s the sort of kid I was. But regardless of my arrogant tendencies it cemented the Olympics as one of the best birthday presents ever. What more could a six year old want? A pony? Psh, I got the Olympics. To top it off my mom managed to get a volunteer job helping out around the parks, so she came home with a lot of cool stuff like the uniform, tons of pins, and other random nick-nacks like an Izzy plushie. And since she worked there she also got to bring us in to visit the park.

Okay I tried really hard to find my photos but I haven’t been able to. 😦


So now that you know about the Olympic birthday celebration, we’ll get back to present day.

My love of the Olympics has definitely grown, even though they don’t really fall on my birthday anymore. I’m incredibly emotional when it comes to opening ceremonies and the amazing stories of how the Olympic hopefuls got to where they are. Despite having to take medicine to keep my moods from tilt-a-whirling I’m not actually an outwardly emotional person, but that all goes out the door when the Olympics come town. There something inheriting amazing about seeing most of the world represented in a single place and for the most part getting along. Sure it’s just a huge sporting event and there are some fierce rivalries, but they are co-existing and that to me is beautiful. There are always those who don’t really cooperate, but the fact that we continue to have events like this proves that it’s greater than a few people’s animosity or underhanded natures.

Now to move away from the emotional stuff because I’m getting teary. Let’s talk previous Summer Olympics.  Okay, seriously have you seen London’s opening ceremony? As a book nerd to other book nerds, go watch it…hopefully you can find the British broadcast of it, because the US announcers were freaking terrible. But they honestly had one of the best Opening Ceremonies ever. Famous actors galore, fantastic skits, and ALL the geekery and books! Okay mainly just highlighting the internet’s history and classic british books….but trust me it’s worth watching. Need more of a reason to go watch it?

Have you ever wanted to hear J.K. Rowling read you a story? This may be the closest you get. I look forward to seeing what Sochi is going to bring us in their Opening and with the new events. As you know a lot of negative things have been surrounding this Olympics and I’m hoping it goes off without a hitch.

So what about you? Do you like and watch the Olympics? What’s your favorite events?

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6 Responses to Reading and Ranting: The Olympics!

  1. tonicate10 says:

    LOL an opening ceremony fell on my birthday too. The 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. And it’s my actual birthday! 🙂

  2. Lovely post Michelle, sport is one thing I’ve never connected with but I did enjoy watching the Olympics with the family when I was little. Unfortunately I even tune into that on a rare occasion these days!

  3. Wonderful post Michelle, I love watching the games, and learning about the hopefuls.

  4. Greg says:

    I always love watching the Olympics too, not sure what it is but we always watched it growing up and it’s just cool seeing the world come together for two weeks even if only for sport. It’s always nice to see what countries do for their opening ceremonies. I loved 2012’s ceremony too, with Bond and the queen, Mr Bean and all the rest. Thought it was awesome. And China’s were great too a few years earlier… such a spectacle. We watch as much of the Olympics as we can, and get bummed when it’s over.

    Hope you enjoy the games. LOL about basketball by the way, yes the shoe squeaking is kinda irritating!

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