Sunday Post (96)

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. ~ Inspired by the meme In My Mailbox.~

It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

It’s been a long week but a good one! I had a few down moments but I got the good news I’ve been waiting for. I’m going to wait another week before I tell everyone though, because I’m kind of superstious like that and prefer to make sure the news is planning to stick around before I get too excited. 😛 Though some of you might know already. I did a ton of reading but seeing as my main book is A Game of Thrones I didn’t get too many books finished this week.

As some of you know I didn’t get to make to the Story Crush tour stop, despite my intentions. Something came up and it couldn’t be avoided.

Books Read:

Last Week:

Monday: Find Momo by Andrew Knapp (Review)

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday – Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Wednesday: Random Read March 2014

Thursday: Sundered by Shannon Mayer (Review)

Friday: Echoes in the Glass by Cheri Lasota (Review)

This Week:

Monday: Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake (Cover Promo)

Tuesday: Prolongment Dreams (Guest Post by Grace Eyre)

That’s all I have planned because I’ve been a bad blogger, but I’ll definitely have more posts for you this week. Possible a review of The Beginning of Everything, A Game of Thrones, and Siege and Storm.

Book Haul:




  • Swag pack from Tracy Bangheart – Won during the release party for Shatter Veil and Blood Crown



  • In Darkness We Must Abide Vol. 2 by Rhiannon Frater  – She was kind enough to give these out to those on her street team.
  • Not Picture – a signed bookmark from Victoria Davies

Kindle Freebies:

All covers lead directly to Amazon. Please check the price before One-Clicking!

Kindle Deals:

These are just some interesting books that I would like to share with others and help spread the word about.Some are free while others are anywhere from .99 cents to $4.99

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30 Responses to Sunday Post (96)

  1. Well I am excited to see your good news!!! I know how you feel though about not telling people something good till you know it for sure!

  2. it. I am hoping to read this and another of hers this month and next. Looking forward to hearing your good news!

  3. Pamela D says:

    I can’t wait to hear how you like Game of Thrones. 🙂

  4. Greg says:

    Looking forward to your review of Game of Thrones. I’ve read it a few times but still enjoy seeing other’s reactions to it. Have a great week!

  5. RedIza says:

    I haven’t read Game of thrones and yet it’s on my shelves ! Will have to, I love the show. Have a nice sunday 🙂

  6. So nice to hear someone has good news! Enjoy keeping it to yourself for now 🙂
    I have Game of Thrones to read too with forever but I keep looking at how big it is and it puts me off! I’ll look forward to your thoughts on it.

  7. Game of Thrones is going to be a log jam for a bit, huh? You just need to stick in some short romances here and there 🙂 Glad you ended up with a good week and can’t wait for your news!!!

  8. Jessica says:

    I had the same issue while reading A Game of Thrones. It sort of takes over your reading life. Looks like you had a great week (you’re not a bad blogger!) and I’m looking forward to hearing your news. Stopping by from The Sunday Post (old follower).

    Jessica @ Tales Between the Pages

  9. jeneaw0716 says:

    Nice haul. i need to check out some of the deals.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever’s Sunday Post

  10. Can’t wait to hear your news and your thoughts on Game of Thrones. That’s the only book in the series I actually read. All the others I’ve listened to. Have a great week!

    Terri at Second Run Reviews

  11. I loved Here. I have been impatiently waiting for Trapped to come out! LOL! I’m sad I missed the Nikki Power Gloves one. My son beta read those books for David, so he’s mentioned in the acknowledgements. I would have liked to show him (though I do have the books on order to be signed by David for my son, so I guess he can wait a while longer). Awesome Haul! Enjoy them all! My STS:

  12. Hope all goes well for you with your good news 🙂 *fingers crossed* . Love your swag pack. Interesting selection of books, Winter Fae looks nice. Have a great week and Happy Reading!
    My Sunday post is here

  13. Only in Dreams and Stubborn Love sounds good, hope you enjoy

  14. lab1990 says:

    oooh I’m curious about your good news. Fingers crossed that things work out and you can share!

    Lauren from

  15. Christy says:

    Ohh can’t wait to hear the good news! Haha – and yes, I’d count Game of Thrones as 3 books. 🙂

  16. Gahh! I love your book haul and I can’t wait to hear the good news either! I hope you enjoy your books 🙂
    Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

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