Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List




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This week has a pretty fun theme and it’s one that I’ve actually thought about a lot. So this will be an interesting mix of things.

1. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando!

I’ve actually already been there but it was the same year it opened to the public and a lot has changed since then. They have separate Diagon Alley and built the Hogwarts Express, which is the only way into the park. Gringotts exists now and has a ride inside of it, not to mention all the cool stores they have added. It’s a definite must for all Potter fans.

2. Get a Harry Potter Tattoo!

Okay I promise this isn’t going to be a Harry Potter Bucket List. I really really want a Harry Potter themed tattoo and I’m going to try to make it happen this July in honor of my birthday, Harry’s birthday, and J.K.’s birthday. I’m hoping to get the page stars that are found in the US versions, but I’m still trying to decide if I want to combine it with anything else.

3. Own My Very Own Library!

This is every bookworm’s dream I think and I’m no different. With luck I’ll become rich and have one like Beast and Belle.

4. Work in a Book/Comic Store!

I almost put ‘have a bookish job’ but I already have that! (Checks that off list)  Now if I could have TWO bookish jobs that would be awesome. I’ve actually had dreams of owning my own bookstore or comic book shop for a while now, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to make it happen. I hope I get the chance one day.

5. Own a First Edition of a Book I Actually Like!

So I own a first edition of The Great Gatsby and I loathe that book. Now before you exit out of this page and start plotting on how to steal it, the book is actually worthless. It’s an ex-library copy and it’s on it’s very last legs, and those thousand of dollars it was worth have flown out the window long ago. Now to get a first edition of a book I like, so that I can covet it.

6. Publish A Book!

So many of you know I’ve done NaNoWriMo twice and won both times, but what you guys don’t know is that I SUCK at editing/revising. My brain shuts off whenever I open the document and nothing gets done, so this is taking much longer than it should. I need second opinions on things but I’m too scared to let other people see it.

7. Meet One of My Favorite Authors!

I didn’t want to lie to you and put J.K. Rowling…this is NOT a Harry Potter list, so I made it a bit broader. I’d love to meet J.K. Rowling, Brandon Sanderson, Marissa Meyer, Julie Kagawa, Jodi Lamm or Rick Riordan.

8. Get a Sideshow Avengers Loki Figure

Okay so I am cheating with this one because it’s technically the Loki figure from the Avengers movie not the comic books…but the character is from a comic book and it IS my list so *sticks out tongue* I’ve wanted this for so long and never had the money, now that I have the money I can’t find it. *cries*

9. Own a Black Milk Swimsuit, Leggings, and Dress

If you haven’t heard of Black Milk, they are a clothing company that specializes in really amazing leggings. They are very expensive though and they are in Australia, so the shipping is going to kill me. They have a ton of great Harry Potter, Batman, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings prints and I’m dying to have a closet full.

10. Own all of the Wishbone Books

Some of you know that I collect Wishbone books, which are based off of the old tv show. I have a ton but not nearly all of them and since they are out of print it’s hard to find places that may still have them.

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29 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Bucket List

  1. lalainthelibrary says:

    I have a bunch of Wishbone odds and ends, including a lifesize cardboard cutout of him as Romeo. My ex worked at a local PBS station for a few years. I don’t know if my son would part with any of it though. Are there other Wishbone collectors, I mean, is it a “thing”?

    • I am officially jealous!!! You know, I’ve never even thought of it but I bet there are a few others out there that love Wishbone like we do. I use to have a few toys and coloring books from the series, but I have no idea what happened to them.

  2. angelicreader says:

    I am not much of a comic book fan but mostly because we don’t have them so readily available here. But I do love me some Loki. whether or not it is the movie guy or the graphic novel guy – he is a great character.

    Really really great list!
    My TTT

  3. readerbuzz says:

    Funny! One of my real life author friends wrote a Wishbone. It is Muttketeer! I wonder if you have that one….

    Here’s my Book-ish Bucket List!

  4. 1, 3, 4, and 7, YES to all! I have met a few authors already, but Katie McGarry is certainly someone I really want to meet. Great list! 🙂

    TTT: Bookish Bucket List
    Dress Up That Cover #1 – If I Stay

  5. Do you know what kind of tat you want for Harry Potter? I want to go back to FL and see Hogwarts myself.

    • I know I want the page stars (the stars at the top of the US editions by the page numbers), but I’m trying to decide if I want to add more to it or make a second HP tattoo entirely. I don’t really like color tattoos so it’s kind of limited what I choose to do.

      • lalainthelibrary says:

        My ex made a hybrid image of the Hogwarts crest and the Gryffindor emblem and had it tattooed on his calf. I think is nice when the artwork is personalized and unique so no one else has the exact same tatoo.

  6. I’ve thought about going to Orlando to see the WWofHP, but I’m afraid the crowds would ruin the experience for me. What I’d really like is to have the park to myself for a day! (Well, my family, anyway.) Meeting and talking with favorite authors (including Rowling) is on my TTT list, too. And I wish you the best and hope you finish and publish at least one of your books!

    • Go in the off season when most kids have school, unless of course you have kids in school, lol. If you go sometime in October or early November, it might not be too bad. The crowds were crazy the year I went, I waited in line for almost 2 hours only to find out that I had to wait in a different line after that. But the renovations look amazing.

  7. lab1990 says:

    Great list!! I should have added some of these to mine, but I didn’t think of it…like going to Harry Potter world. AHH! I’ve never been and I’m dying to go. I would also love to work in a bookstore, but more than anything, own a bookstore. 🙂

    Lauren from

  8. Doris Elysia says:

    I never thought of owning my own library. Hmmmm you just gave me an awesome idea. Thanks =)

    Here’s our TTT
    Doris @ OABR

  9. UnderMountainBooks says:

    Oh dear, Gatsby. I’ve never liked that book. The wishbone books ring a bell… hang on I’ll Google. Oh man those are cool! I haven’t actually seen that before.

    ★ Under The Mountain’s Supernatural TTT ★

  10. Pamela D says:

    I want a Harry Potter tattoo too. 🙂

  11. Did #1 recently. What would you get it you got an HP tattoo? I think that is a very interesting idea. 🙂

  12. I love Sideshow figurines. I am going to San Diego comic con this year and they always have fabulous ones on display. I would also like to say I worked at B&N one year and it was awful. Not what I thought it was going to be like at all. People come in.. ask if you have this one book, you know with the blue cover? And then get mad when you have no idea what they are talking about!!! 🙂

    • I have two, the newest Harley Quinn and Joker figures. They are so gorgeous but they only make me want more! I would love to go to Comic Con but it’s so expensive for me to get there.
      I think all retail has that issue, I think a small indie store would be really great to work in. That way you get the people who prefer a cozy and personal atmosphere.

  13. lalainthelibrary says:

    I would love a signed first edition of To Kill a Mocking bird or One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Visiting the cafe where JKR wrote Sorcerers Stone would be fab, too.

  14. Jamie (Jay) says:

    I think you are right about personal libraries being a dream we all want to attain. Nice goals.
    My TTT

  15. Hooray for HP tattoos! Or any literary tattoo, that is! I love how this is a Top Ten Tuesday. You may want to link up to the original Bookish Bucket List, too!

  16. Greg says:

    Great list, I can especially relate to #4 as growing up I always wanted my own comic store. Now not so much, I think just a bookstore ( a really cozy one, with little reading nooks and a coffee area) would be the ticket. Wouldn’t make any money 🙂 , but would be pretty satisfying. Owning a library is up there on my list too.

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