Cover Reveal: Guided by Danielle Young

As many fo you know I love helping indie authors get their books out there, and it’s even more exciting to help out indie authors that I actually know! Yet another awesome blogger has made their author dreams come true. Danielle Young of Consuming Worlds is releasing her first book in June! So without further ado the cover for Guided!

Guided by Danielle Young

Series: The Jade Ring Series book 1
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: June 2014
Jo is a descendant from the most powerful Wiccan family the world has ever known and is destined to be more powerful than those before her.
But she doesn’t even know it. As her powers awaken Jo discovers a threat to her family line.
Protected by her best friends, and GUIDED by her Angel protector, Jo must learn to harness her powers and discover her family secrets before time runs out.
More than her life hangs in the balance.
About the Author~

Danielle is a passionate reader who devours world’s one book at a time, a food enthusiast and High School Culinary Arts teacher. She is obsessed with books, food and cupcakes and blogs about them for the world to see at Consuming Worlds and Culinary Brainchild.

Danielle lives in New Mexico where she shares her food creations and bookish dreams with 6 of the greatest men of all time, her husband and 5 wonderful boys.

Find Her: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
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4 Responses to Cover Reveal: Guided by Danielle Young

  1. This sounds intriguing. Witches and Angels? Thanks for sharing Michelle!

  2. Octavia says:

    OMG how flipping cool! I’ve read a few chapters on Wattpad (is that right?!!) and LOVED what I did read! Totally adding this to my goodreads TBR shelf and counting down the days. 😀

  3. What a neat cover, and the mix of witches and angels sounds like a good one.

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