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We’ve all heard of them and most geeks subscribe to at least one…and since I believe in going the extra mile I find myself subscribing to many. So today we’re talking about….


So as I mentioned above I’m a pretty eclectic geek and I don’t like putting all my attention into one thing…even after I’ve become obsessed. I read normal books and comic books, I play video games and tabletops, I love art, and I can binge watch movies/tv with the best of them. So I wanted to share some of my favorite things to fangirl over and see what you like as well.

1. Harry Potter 

If you didn’t know that was coming you’re probably new…Harry Potter (or related stuff) shows up on 75% of my Top Ten Tuesday posts and I re-read them every two years. This is my childhood (along with thousands of other things)…BUT this is one of the series that shaped who I am. I grew up with the characters, watched every movie in theaters, and get excited over ABC family marathons (even though they happen pretty much every week). I have a shrine to the series on top of two my bookshelves where I keep all of my copies, the action figures, wands, necklaces, and other things I’ve purchased over the years. In fact I love it so much my next tattoo is going to be Harry Potter related.

2. Marvel (specifically Thor)

So I was initially a DC fangirl…but DC did this whole reboot thing and then half of the story-lines no longer mattered. The new story-lines began to suck and I quietly edged myself to the very back of the bandwagon. And please don’t get my started on how horrible Dark Knight Rises was…or Green Lantern…or Man of Steel (it was boring, not bad)…please DC stop…I’ll stick around for Harley Quinn and Joker (maybe Nightwing) but I’m done.

ANYWAY! Marvel is were it’s at! They have some strong writers and story-lines, they are in touch with their fans and let’s not forget the huge success they’ve had with their movies and tv shows. Marvel has their act together and it shows through in the new things they put out. One of my favorite story-lines is Thor, and now the new Loki comic series that is out. I love mythology and I love superheroes, put them together and I’m in heaven.

3. Doctor Who

Doctor Who has been around for a very long time, longer than me…way longer than me…and even though I end up really grumpy with Moffat (like fuming mad) I still love the show. It’s enjoyable and a ton of fun. Not to mention all of the feels, moments of terror, and adventure. This show is responsible for me hating angel statues, having nightmares about the Statue of Liberty, screaming ‘exterminate’, running around with a sonic screwdriver in my purse, panicking when I see that I have two shadows, and having dreams that one day a man in a big blue box will land in my backyard and take me on an adventure.

4. Disney

It’s not surprisingly that I grew on Disney films, so it’s not really shocking that I’m still head over heels for most things Disney (I’ll let you know what I’m NOT happy about in a bit). I still get excited over watching Disney movies, I love visiting the theme park, and I’m pretty sure I could act out pretty much all of The Lion King without it even being on the tv.

5. Star Wars

I adore Star Wars, partially in thanks to my dad who use to read the books constantly and had several computer games that I would play. Now I watch the original trilogy at least 3 times a year, have an RP group based in the Star Wars universe, play the mmo and other games, know useless background information about planets and characters…and I seriously can’t get enough of it. (Unless it’s the new movies…then I’ll stop watching rather quickly).  So this is where I tell you why I’m not happy with Disney, they now own Star Wars…which would be fine if they were not hinting at the fact that they may change past events rendering book story-line obsolete. Also they canceled one of my most coveted game releases. *sniffles*

6. Mass Effect

This game series is one of my favorite franchises to ever touch my game systems. It has all the depth of something like Star Wars while putting you right into the action, giving you all the feels, and forcing you to realize…aliens don’t look half bad. You can use biotic (sort of like magic…but you know, not), carry a ton of weapons, fall in love with your crew members, party, stop genocides…or start them…, punch reporters, etc. Definitely a fun game series. If you pick it up just be mindful that the first game is not the greatest but the second one is where it’s at.

7. Pokemon

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of my life has been spent playing Pokemon games, I just know it’s probably best not to say it outloud. The original games and tv show were stables of my every day life when I was growing up, I even managed to talk my mom into going to the first movie in theaters. I have a huge pokemon card collection (that may or may not get larger randomly, through no fault of my own O_O ) that I know by heart and have lovingly put in numerical order based on series.Now I have a box full of pokemon stuff, I keep buying the games, and now thanks to Netflix getting their act together I get to binge watch the series.

So there you have some of my favorite things to geek out over! What are some of your fandoms? Are any of these new to you?

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14 Responses to Reading & Ranting: Fandoms

  1. I love your fandoms..mine would be Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, Coffee and Books of any kind, blogging

  2. LilysBookBlog says:

    Haha awesome fandoms!
    I think i pretty much belong in the star wars fandom (dad made me watch all the movies when i was eight and i’ve been hooked ever since) but i don’t know which other fandoms i’d belong too. I have to think about it.
    Lil@ Lilysbookblog

  3. lab1990 says:

    Love this post! I’m definitely part of the Harry Potter fandom. That was my childhood as well. I’m newer to Doctor Who, but I’d still say I’m in the fandom. I really like the Marvel films as well. I’m a HUGE Sherlock fan – the BBC show, but anything Sherlock is great to me!

    Lauren from

  4. Fandoms…. um, there are so many to choose! I am definitely in the Harry Potter and Marvel camp with you. But I am also going to add Sherlock Holmes, Teen Wolf, author stalking… is that a thing? Oh well. I will also add Call of Duty, Halo and Xbox. I know there’s more, but now that I’m sitting here I can’t seem to remember! Great discussion!

  5. Oh I love your fandoms so much Michelle! I definitely agree with Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Disney! I was here screaming YES the whole time hehe!

  6. Greg says:

    Awesome fandoms! I especially love Star Wars (originals only please) and Marvel, especially the avengers. Would add Tolkien as well… love all the lore that goes with that. And I used to be into the older school CRPG’s- Baldurs Gate and Icewind dale, those were so fun. 🙂

  7. Last weekend I found a shirt at Hot Topic that covers most of my fandoms right now. It says

    Hunters &
    Doctors &
    Wizards &

    And it was on clearance!

  8. Yesterday morning, I helped my son get dressed to take him to story time at the library. I put an Iron Man shirt on him and found a Batman hoodie to wear since it was cool outside. My husband was like, “How you could mix DC and Marvel?!? I’ll let it slide this time…” LOL I know it’s kind of sacrilegious, but I was running late!! 😉

    Omigod, HP, Doctor Who, and Star Wars are definitely fandoms I’m in. I’m relatively new to Doctor Who, only halfway through Season 3, but love that show to pieces. Buffy and Angel, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, MLP, and Transformers are other ones I freak out over, lol.

    Is there a fandom meme? Maybe there should be a fandom meme! 😀

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