Review: Chicken Nuggets by Robert Tyson

Chicken NuggetsSource: Bookstore Stock
Publisher: Grace Garland Publishing
Series: –
Edition: Paperback, 96 Pages
Genre: Non-fiction Short Stories
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Rating: 4.5/5

Chicken Nuggets is a series of short stories about growing up in the rural South during the sixties. Set in Carroll County, Georgia, the stories carry you back to humorous, and strangely true events. Run from a flock of terroristic chickens in Chicken Nuggets, take a momentary break in Outhouse Blues, look for an unknown creature in the dark of night in Red Eyes At Night, ride some unusual mounts in Horse Tales, or learn the sport of Birding. You’ll enjoy a look back in time from the author’s eyes!

Chicken Nuggets is a book written by a man who is from the same town I live in, and his last name is actually really well known around here. So when he approached me about keeping some of his books in stock at the bookstore it was a no-brainer really.

Chicken Nuggets is a collection of short stories from Robert’s childhood that are a lot of fun to read and have a certain amount to sass that keeps you chuckling. They are all set in Villa Rica, during the 60’s and have that down home southern appeal and even though I’m too young to experience of these situations I definitely remember quite a few that match up…like temperamental chicken, which also when I learned they could fly high enough to land in trees. (Which means they can also dive-bomb/fall at you).

Robert even includes a few “recipes” at the end of each story, which  despite being really simple really made me smile because I partake in them quite often.

If you have any interest in reading about what it was like to grow up on a farm in Georgia during the 60’s then I definitely recommend trying this one out, the stories are a lot of fun and the author has a great voice for storytelling.

4.5 Stars

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