Saturday Issue Review: Superior Spiderman Vol. 2 Troubled Mind



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A Troubled MindSource: Purchased
Publisher: Marvel
Series: Superior Spiderman #6 – 10
Edition: Paperback, 112 Pages
Genre: Graphic Novel
Purchase: AmazonBarnes & Noble / Book Depository*
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An Avenger no more? In light of his recent violent actions, will the Avengers kick Spidey off the team? With a villain acting like a hero and a hero acting like a villain, one man has decided enough is enough! The ghostly revenant of Peter Parker fights to regain control of his body, his mind and his destiny! Is this the beginning of the end for Otto Octavius? The time has come to see who will live, who will die — and who will emerge as the one, true Superior Spider-Man! But when the Green Goblin returns, why is Spidey nowhere to be found? Plus: Jester! Screwball! Cardiac! And a new development for a Spider-Man who hasn’t been seen for some time. And by “time,” we mean centuries! Collecting SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #6-10.


*May Contain Spoilers for Vol. 1*

So A Troubled Mind is a solid follow up to the first 5 issues, with Doc-Spidey setting the record straight on just who Spiderman is now. He’s now a superhero with the capability to think as a super villian, which makes more efficient and more resourceful than before…and thanks to Doc’s obsession with being better than Peter he’s also working on finishing up Peter’s Doctorate. In some ways he is a better superhero, he finishes what he starts and he weighs what is actually important over what Peter might have prioritized. However, because he’s willing to go to lengths (such as nearly beating someone to death) he’s also damaging Peter’s good guy reputation.

I loved seeing the Avengers rip into him, but I’m also disappointed they didn’t try harder. Doc-Spidery and Peter are also fighting for control and I loved seeing that whole situation play out, and thanks to the overall spoilers of the Marvel Universe I know I have more coming up in the future comics. However despite knowing the end-game I’m really excited to see how it’ll all play out and just far Doc-Spidey will go to prove that he is in fact Superior.

* Spoilers Over *

This is definitely a solid issue with only a few moments of text dumping and slow pacing. I can’t wait to continue this one!

4 stars

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4 Responses to Saturday Issue Review: Superior Spiderman Vol. 2 Troubled Mind

  1. Glad you enjoyed this episode Michelle…I like the tension.

  2. Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed yet another Marvel comic Michelle 🙂 The avengers being here would have been full of awesome.

  3. lab1990 says:

    I skimmed because I haven’t read the first one, but I’m glad these are enjoyable! They sound fascinating.


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