Reading & Ranting: Productivity Essentials



This week’s Reading & Ranting is all about the 5 things I need to stay productive! If you’ve seen my posts these past few weeks you know my productivity is down, so it’s high time I get back into the swing of things and get some work done!

There are so many tools and companies like Kabbage, who provide small business loans, that pride themselves on helping people be productive.


My Five Essentials



I use at least two calenders when it comes to keeping up with my blog and work stuff. They keep everything of importance and having the dates written down in two different places guarantees that I don’t forget it.

1. iCloud

As a iPhone user this sort of comes standard, though I mostly use the desktop version. It comes with color coding so there is no confusion as to what event goes where and it’s really easy to access no matter where I am.

2. Old Fashion Paper


I print out monthly calenders every few months from iMOM – Printable Calenders, and I use these to keep up with just my blog posts. The one above unfortunately blank, but once I schedule posts and write them down I will then color code them by post type.


Music keeps me from being too bored while I crank out blog posts, and it’s a fantastic way to stay in the “mood” of the stories I write. It keeps things moving and also prevents me from zoning out.

I listen to a bit of everything and Spotify is always open on my laptop. You can follow my profile to check out my playlists, and see what I’m listening to. Just don’t be surprised if you see Beauty and the Beast next to Iggy Azalea.

Spotify Profile


The great thing about having a laptop is being able to move around and sometimes you just need to. I find that when I get too use to a certain spot I tend to fall behind in what I’m supposed to do that day/week, so I find a new spot to hang out. I spend a ton of time at my bookstore, but on off days I like to finish work while sitting in bed or at the dining room table when everyone else is at work.


Running a book review blog means I have to read at an almost constant rate in order to keep new posts coming, and let’s face it…no one wants to read ALL the time. We would like to, but there are down moments where you would rather do anything but.


During those times I pull out my reading schedule sheet and give myself “assignments”. I use the sheet below as a guide and it has everything I need to know. The dates in which I want to read the book in, the title, number of pages I have left to read, and how many pages a day. Once I finish it, I highlight it and move on to the next!


Deadlines seem like a given or an awful way to stay productive, but I work better when I have a set time and date by which I need something done. The closer to the deadline the better I focus…in fact there are times where I refuse to start working on something until a few days before and then it turns out much better than if I had spent days working on it. I’m weird like that, but that’s how I thrive.

NaNoWriMo is 30 days of pure insanity in disguise as a writing event, and I can put 50k+ words into a story with little to no issue unlike the other 11 months where it feels like torture to write a couple of paragraphs.


Thank you once again to for letting me be a part of this! Please feel free to let me know what keeps you productive!


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3 Responses to Reading & Ranting: Productivity Essentials

  1. I have to keep a reading calendar, because I just had a list of pub dates and I was getting to certain dates since they all seem to publish on the same date and be so overwhelmed

  2. I use the WordPress calendar and Goggle calendar *which I love because it syncs with all of my devices. I have books I need to read each month, but read in advance enough I can juggle them depending on my mood.

  3. I absolutely love calendars. The WP Calendar plugin thing (the exact name escapes me right now) is so useful when it comes to scheduling posts and making sure that I have content for the month. 😀

    I don’t really do well with deadlines or schedules for reading. I used to be so strict with myself, but I’ve just mellowed out about it and ended up enjoying it more. 😀

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