Art Up (6): Weasley is Our King


Fan Art Up! is a weekly feature hosted by Tabitha @ Not Yet Read. It is dedicated to showcasing our Fan Art and doodles inspired by entertainment media, whether it’s Books, Movies, Anime, Comics, etc. Or even your random self inspired art! Break out those dusty art supplies!

The Christmas festival for the town is getting closer so I made a trip to the craft store to pick up some chacopaper and a few different colors of paint, and then got back to work on some quote art. I had originally painted a red background in order to do a christmas themed quote, probably something from Polar Express or Twas’ the Night Before Christmas, and I was irritated to find that the red paint I had looked like blood.

Nothing says Christmas like a canvas that looks like I sacrificed an animal on it. So I had a canvas I couldn’t use for my original purpose, so I proceeded to coat it in layer after layer of red paint until finally it began to look normal. I don’t really know how to use Acrylics since I’ve only used them like this a grand total of ONE time. I don’t like them as much as watercolors but it is a cheaper version of the same hobby, I just have to practice.


This is my first time using chacopaper, so I wasn’t quite sure how it worked and I ended up sliding it slightly so a few of the letters are higher than they should be. However it looks good on the wall and I’m pretty confident that the next one I paint will be much better.

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8 Responses to Art Up (6): Weasley is Our King

  1. that’s really cool. I don’t even know what chacopaper is! I think the letter placement looks fine. It doesn’t look like blood right now – it must have been different when you started out lol.

    • It’s transfer paper. You put the chacopaper over the canvas, trace an image (in this case the font) on it, and it transfers the outline to the canvas.

      It was way different, the layers really made it look better…it looked awful to begin with.

  2. Oh I love it Michelle…you are so talented!

  3. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) says:

    ooh that’s awesome! looks amazing with all the books, too.

  4. sophifrost says:

    Reblogged this on Sophi's Garden and commented:
    FAN ART!

  5. Ooh, I’ve never used chacopaper, but it looks like you got some good results! Nice work!

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