Reading & Ranting: The Taylor Swift Book Tag



Angie over at Pinkindle tagged me in the Taylor Swift book tag! We both hate Taylor Swift but it’s a fun idea of a book tag so I am more than happy to do it! I know like 3 TS songs…and I’m pretty apathetic to them but I do like books.

So here we go!

We Are Never Getting Back Together – A book series I thought I loved but then wanted to break up with.

The Dead Girls DanceThe Morganville Vampires series – I felt like the second book was really pointless, and I had loved the first book quite a bit.

Red – A book with a read cover.

the murder complex

The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cumming

The Best Day – A book that makes you feel nostalgia. Wonderland – Your favorite fictional world. Last Kiss – A series that you’re not ready to let go of even though it ended. 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

So I cheated and gave HP three…I have so many memories connected to this series, so pretty much ALL the nostalgia. I’d give anything to receive my letter and head off to Hogwarts (or Salem in the US). And I’m definitely not ready to let go of it even though it’s been almost 20 years since the first book.

Love Story – A book with a forbidden love.

Honey Queen

The main character and best friend love it each but can’t be together because…reasons (go read it to find out why. It’s a damn good reason)

I Knew You Were Trouble – A book with a bad character that you couldn’t help but love


Levana is crazy…but damn do I love her.

Innocent – A book someone spoiled the ending for.

A Game of Thrones

 It’s nearly impossible to read these and now be spoiled on something thanks to the show watchers.

Everything Has Changed – A character from a book who does through extensive character development

The Bodies We Wear

Faye was sort of had to like to begin with, but she really pulled it together before the end.

You Belong With Me – My most anticipated release.

Winter by Marissa Meyer – WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO FAR AWAY?! Also it doesn’t have a cover yet.

Forever and Always – My favorite book couple.


Thorne and Cress are too adorable.

Begin Again – A series that deserves a second chance

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

I hated this book to begin with because the main character was so self loathing, but when her attitude changed so did mine. I want to see if the second book is any better.

Clean – A series your glad is over

Dead Reckoning

I haven’t finished this series yet, but I’m really glad it’s finished. The books haven’t really been as good as they could have been .

Wildest Dreams – Your Favorite Fictional Guy

Half Blood Prince

Severus Snape…yeah he would be old enough to be my dad, what’s your point?

Enchanted – A book you found by accident and ended up loving

Little Bee

This was sitting on my store shelves and I had been eyeing it for a couple of weeks before I just went for it. Totally worth it.

All You had to Do Was Stay – A book you DNFed that you wished you had given a second chance. 

Nada! I don’t DNF, and in the very rare instance that I do it’s never going to be something I come back to.

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6 Responses to Reading & Ranting: The Taylor Swift Book Tag

  1. Good thing you didn’t have to listen to Taylor Swift to do the tag. Lol. You don’t dnf, my gawd, you are one dedicated reader! I dnf, but I always skip to the end to see what hapoened. Except once, the book Frozen, I can’t remember the author, but it had an ice dragon on the cover. I was so disinterested in the characters, I didn’t care what happened to them. 🙂

  2. What a fun tag Michelle, even though I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan either! I do like a few of her songs, though. I totally agree with Thorne and Cress, although I love Cinder and Kai Too ❤ YES about Queen Levana! Too bad about Morganville though…

  3. lab1990 says:

    Fun post! I’m so excited for Winter and I think Thorne and Cress are adorable too. 🙂 Thorne cracks me up so much. And Harry Potter- all the feels and nostalgia!!


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