Product Review: Adore


Today I will be reviewing the Adore Me lingerie subscription site and their products. So for the super private, super squeamish people…ADVERT THINE EYES.

I received a complimentary set of Adore Me clothing thanks to  

The Site/Service is fairly simple to use and to sign up for. It has the basic store interface and it makes it super easy to upgrade to a VIP membership (possibly to easy). Unlike so many other subscription based services Adore Me VIP allows you to pick what you want each month. At the beginning of the month they send you an email telling you to shop or skip the month, and you have until the 5th to do so. If you don’t they will automatically charge you for the month and add $39.95 to your store credit to be used later. Skipping the month is super easy, all you have to do is go to your showroom and click ‘skip the month’. Or you can go to your account and put it on vacation mode, which allows you to skip two months at a time. Not everything costs $39.95 of course, so if you shop you can basically get your month cheaper than the standard charge.

To make it even easier they have it so that you can put in all of your sizes and it remembers them, and then you can search based on that. The variety is fairly large as well, and the prices can’t be beat for the quality. They have sleepwear, lingerie sets, corsets, swimsuits, and more. They also have plenty of sizes to choose from, including different styles for those who want less padding or more. I also love that I can choose different styles for the bottoms as well, so I’m not stuck buying something I’d never wear just because I like the bra.


They send too many emails…I get one almost every day. Sometimes it tells me of new stuff in stock or sales, other times it’s just a pointless email showing me stuff I’ve already send. ‘

The Products


Everything ships in a nice cardboard box, similar to other subscription services, and comes wrapped in tissue paper and in individual plastic baggies. They do size the boxes according to what you have ordered so nothing will get squished into the box if it doesn’t fit. And shipping is super quick! I ordered one on a Monday and it was at my house on Thursday.

I’ve placed two orders so far. One was my free set from Influenster and I ordered the Lorelai set, which I love. It’s super comfortable and fits perfectly, and for a $39 ($49 w/o VIP) set it’s great quality. My second order was my ‘experiment order’. They were awesome enough to give me a $10 off coupon to use in March, so I wanted to get something I would normally never buy because they’re far to expensive. A corset, more specifically the Marisole. Most women buy these for sex appeal…I bought it because it was Slytherin green and I can use it for a victorian Poison Ivy cosplay. I know…I’m beyond the point of return in my geekiness. This was $39 ($49 w/o VIP) and I got it for $29.95, and it’s amazing! I was worried it was going to be a cheap and loose but it’s actually quite sturdy and looking very well made. The boning is very structured, but not so much that you might die if you leave it on too long.

The Rating

4.5 Stars

Overall I’m very pleased with my experience and the site. It’s perfect for people, like me, who are utterly mortified to be seen in the underwear section of the store. (Probably because I never fail to see someone I know walking by or shopping). The prices can be a bit steep, but for the quality I would say it’s worth it.

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3 Responses to Product Review: Adore

  1. lab1990 says:

    That’s great it’s good quality and I’m glad your experiment order turned out well. I love that you want to use it for cosplay. 🙂


  2. Laura says:

    I ordered from the site three set of bra/panty. When I received the merchandise it was too small. The site states true to size and that is what I ordered my bra and panty size that I would usually wear in the garments if I had purchased from a department store. I called and requested a return which was granted and approved. The items were sent back, unworn and in the original packaging and shipping box within a week of receiving them. They received my returned items a week later. I waited another week and called to inquire about my refund to my bank card. At this time the CSR advised me it had yet to be processed and to call back in two weeks. I again called today to speak to a CSR about my $149.85 refund. I was informed that although the company determined the items had not been worn, they deemed them “dirty”. How can they be dirty if I could barely try them on and placed them immediately back in the packaging? I was also informed I would receive neither a refund nor a credit. Really? For returning unworn perfectly returned merchandise? A company that has its items returned and refuses to refund $149.85. I don’t even want a credit from this company. I will never buy anything from them nor any other company associated with Your merchandise is not true size, poorly made, and your customer service policies are fraudulent. I have purchased many items from other online merchants and shopping networks and never encountered policies as yours. I have contacted my bank and the BBB and filed a complaint against and I will be receiving my $149.85 back to my bank account one way or another!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had issues with Adoreme Laura! I don’t think this type of issue is typical, and I really hope you can get things worked out.
      But I do feel somewhat obligated to let you know, that I have no affiliation with Adoreme.. I simply received a voucher for a free set and VIP membership so that I could review them honestly.

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