Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Have Ink


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The MesmerizedHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneMy Clarity

  • Minji from The Mesmerized – Minji is actually a tattoo artist, so naturally her arms are covered in them. She’s also a kick ass female with two kids.
  • Pretty much every Death Eater from Harry Potter – If they are a Death Eater they have a tattoo…it’s sort of badass looking too.
  • Elijah from My Clarity – He’s a tattooed, smoking, motercycle riding college student


  • Four from the Divergent series – By now everyone knows about his huge back piece. Of course most of Dauntless has tattoos as well.
  • Cicely from the Indigo Court series – Cicely’s tattoos are actually magical…which I wasn’t overly fond of when I read the books, but I can admit they look damn good on the covers.
  • Mercy from the Mercy Thompson series – She remains to be one of my favorite tattooed characters, and these covers are among my favorites as well. I want to look that awesome.

HopelessThe Girl Who Played With FireCity of Ashes

  • Holder from Hopeless – Holder has Hopeless tattooed on his arm. He’s definitely not my favorite guy to begin with but over time I grew to really like him
  • Lisbeth from the Millenium series – She’s a tattooed badass who isn’t great at being social  and definitely isn’t afraid to bend morals every now and then
  • Shadowhunters from Mortal Instruments – The Shadowhunters have tattoos that give them certain ability and attributes.
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11 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Have Ink

  1. This is a great list, because the more I thought about it the more I realised I’ve read barely any books where the characters have tattoos. Evidently I need to go and seek some out!

  2. I was surprised that you didn’t include the shadowhunters in the Mortal Instruments series. They all do magic WITH their tattoos, which gradually fade a bit as the magic wears off. It is incredibly badass, though there were a lot of things about those books that I didn’t care for.

  3. Mesmerized sounds awesome just added it to my TBR pile! Check out my Top Ten Tuesday

  4. Book Club Babe says:

    True story: I had a coworker that wore a temporary dark mark tattoo from HP to see if she’d like to make it permanent. It was cool, but only if you knew the reference lol!

    My TTT:

  5. I wouldn’t have thought of this creative topic. I didn’t even realize there were so many ya books in which characters have tattoos or are inked. This was clever, nice!

  6. Christy says:

    Hell yeah, gotta love a character with ink. Technically … aren’t all book characters inked? They are words made of ink… okay, I’ll stop. lol

  7. Great list! I love characters with tattoos, as they’re usually badass!

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