Review: Go Ahead & Like It by Jacqueline Suskin

Go Ahead & Like ItSource: Blogging for Books – I received this in exchange for an honest review.
Publisher: Crown Publishing
Series: –
Edition: Hardcover, 72 Pages
Genre: Self-Help
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Rating: 3.5/5

An artistic, smart self-help book that prompts and inspires readers to write lists of things they like–a simple yet profound way to collect and remember the good in daily life.

This scrapbook-style art book is an invitation to write lists of things you like: small things that bring delight, intriguing things that excite, and meaningful things that make every day special. It’s a how-to guide, writing prompt, model for self-discovery, and beautiful inspiration for daily gratitude, with poet Jacqueline Suskin’s personal lists intertwined with photographs, illustrations, and instruction. It’s a self-help book for people who might not be drawn to standard self-help, and it’s creative thinking for people who might not identify themselves as creative thinkers (What does it mean to “like” something in today’s digital age, anyways?). Above all, it presents a simple, dependable method to notice the good that’s all around us–even in a traffic jam or waiting in line–so we can inhabit our world more fully and smile more in the process.

Go Ahead & Like It caught my attention because I am a list making…when I get stressed out my mind begins making lists. It’s a compulsion. In high school I had a notebook specifically for lists, and I filled it with everything I could think to make a list about. Goodreads is my haven because of it…it’s a comfort in a way I have trouble explaining. So this self help book about making lists seemed to be just the thing for me.

Suskin uses this relatively short book to explain why she finds making lists helpful and healing, and unlike me focuses her list on one topic, things she likes. It can be anything from the way something smells to the the shoes on her feet. She also goes over some ways that these ‘like’ lists can help you for instance: stressful situations or as ice breakers. I did really connect with the idea of lists being able to focus you on the positive things, because I’ve been doing it for years. She also includes a lot of lists that she has made, as well as others that she has collected during her talks. It’s a practice of appreciating the things around you.

While I wouldn’t call this technique a breakthrough, I do like it quite a bit and I have no idea why I’ve never thought to make lists of things I enjoy instead of constantly cataloguing things I’ve read, watched, owned, or seen.

Here is an example list (from me)

I Like:

  • Warm days with a light breeze and clear blue skies
  • Falling asleep to the sound of a cat bathing
  • Late night dinners with my best friend and boyfriend
  • Walking barefoot on hot pavement
  • Staring up at the stars for so long I become dizzy
  • The huge chocolate covered strawberries at the Renaissance Festival
  • Being held by the one person I allow to touch me
  • Being in a room without noise or talking
  • Having the windows open in spring
  • Burying my fingers in an animal’s fur

3.5 stars

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4 Responses to Review: Go Ahead & Like It by Jacqueline Suskin

  1. lab1990 says:

    I love your list! And lists in general. I have this one to review too – hope to get to it soon.


  2. I love making lists, but rarely cross everything off. Really like the idea of making a list of things that you like and bring you joy!

  3. I do lists sometimes as well

  4. I’m a lister too! And I love your list of things that make you happy. And it just makes so much more sense to make happy lists as they can make you take joy in the small things. I don’t know if you know but there is a tag on instragram for lists like this called #listersgottalist and it’s a lot of fun with daily prompts, etc. I don’t post my lists (usually) on IG but I do like to use the prompts in my own journal.

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