Saturday Issue Review: Rat Queens Vol. 2 -The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth



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RatQueens2Source: Purchased in individual issues. 
 Season of the Witch #1-7
 Individual Issues, 112 pages
 Graphic Novel 
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Rating: 3.5/5

This booze-soaked second volume of RAT QUEENS reveals a growing menace within the very walls of Palisade. And while Dee may have run from her past, the bloated, blood-feasting sky god N’rygoth never really lets his children stray too far.

Collects RAT QUEENS #6-10

AH! These women are just amazing. The second volume of Rat Queens is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint!

There is a lot of stuff packed into this volume. Some smaller stories have carried over to this set of issues and has now become the full focus, we also get a lot of backstory for Violet, Dee and Hannah. Like the reason Violet chose to shave her beard off (she’s a dwarf) and the reason Hannah has the weirdest hairstyle ever. We even get some insight on why Dee has been questioning her religion, which was of my favorite things about her and I thought it was handled really well.

The conversations and the writing combined make this comic series one to keep with. I really love how completely comfortable these ladies are with each other, and how they don’t necessarily fit into anyone’s molds. They curse, drink, and love sex. They are not afraid of what they can do, but instead relish in it. The art does change half way through this one, and it does take some getting used to but I think it’s still a good match for the story. The language and scenes can get a bit crude, but seeing as I’m about as crude as these ladies I can’t say I’m terribly affronted by anything they said or did. Mostly it’s just nice to see more women they I can identify with in comics.

I will say that this one might not have as much draw power as the first volume, but it’s still a lot of fun and sets us up for an interesting continuation.

4 stars

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