Saturday Issue Review: Tomb Raider Volume 2 – Secrets and Lies


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TombRaider2Source: Borrowed
Dark Horse
 Tomb Raider #7-12
 Individual Issues, 135 Pages
 Fantasy Adventure Comic
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Rating: 4/5

Writers Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett continue Lara Croft’s story from where the smash hit Tomb Raider game left off in this collection of the 2nd Tomb Raider comic arc, spanning issues #7-#12!

After the return to Yamatai Island, Lara and her friends try to put the horror of what happened there behind them and return to “normal” life. However, when a dearly departed friend pleads for help, Lara goes on a globetrotting adventure fraught with new perils and a horrible truth that must be brought to light at all costs!

Tomb Raider Volume 2 picks shortly after the last issue of volume 1 and Lara is still dealing with the after effects of Yamatai. The first volume focused on the residual horror that they brought back with them, and kick started much of Lara’s inner conflicted that we see happening here.

I really love that she’s having issues coming to terms with what Yamatai has brought out in here. She is capable of defending herself and killing when she needs to, and it’s something she knows shouldn’t be easy but to her it is just that. We also get to see how people unfamiliar with the horrors of what she has been through react to her ability to do what needs to be done. Plus we also get to see some of the student Lara and that small glimer of hope that she can maintain a peaceful existence. However this is Lara Croft we’re talking about and even if she wants to stay out of danger, plenty of people have a bone to pick with her or her friends.

This set of issues is full of action and unlike the first volume which was a continuation of the game this one stands on its own when it comes to story. It doesn’t feel left over or rushed, and despite this one coming to some what a close we now have an over-arching baddie to keep us  going. I’m not a big fan of the artwork, which is mostly hardlines and few shades, but it’s not bad to look at and I think they do a great job of keeping the characters looking the same.

I can’t wait to continue the series and for the new game to come out later this year!

4 stars

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3 Responses to Saturday Issue Review: Tomb Raider Volume 2 – Secrets and Lies

  1. janceewright says:

    I’m bummed that the new game is a timed exclusive for Xbox One, which I don’t have yet. I think it also may come out for 360, so I could get that version, but I really wanted to play on PS4.

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