Mini-Read Review: Haunting Zoe by Sherry D. Ficklin & A Neophyte’s Tale by C.K. Dawn


Mini-Read Review is a feature created here on In Libris Veritas in order to showcase the reviews for short stories and novellas which so often get overlooked.

Haunting Zoe by Sherry D. Ficklin

HauntingZoeSource: Purchased
Clean Teen Publishing
 Losing Logan #0.5
eBook, 50 pages
Young Adult Paranormal
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases
Rating: 4/5

Logan woke up with a big problem.

He’s extremely dead.

No one from his former life seems able to see or hear him, making his afterlife little more than a miserable nightmare.

That is, until the day of his funeral, when the bitterly sarcastic Zoe, a friend from his childhood, starts calling him out at his own wake. Now his only chance at moving on means dealing with his sordid past—and the girl he never really got over.

Haunting Zoe is a brief look into the full novel Losing Logan, and judging by the first page of Losing Logan this seems like the best place to start. While this is more of just a teaser for the story, I did find myself really liking Logan a lot. He has a sense of humor and he is not unaware of the negatives of his personality, but like most of us waits until it’s too late to try and fix it. I’m not sure exactly sure where Losing Logan is going to go, but this novella certainly makes me want to find out!

4 stars


A Neophyte’s Tale by C.K. Dawn

ANeophytestaleSource: Purchased

 Abbey Thorne #0.5
eBook, 41 pages
Young Adult Paranormal
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases
Rating: 3/5

Abigail Thorne hears voices. Well, one voice repeating one word over and over again. Soft and sweet with the promise of power, it calls to her. The twelve year old has no idea that the tender little word is a catalyst that serves to reveal a world hidden to most humans. Abbey has yet to discover that following the word’s call to its origin will change the course of her life forever.

Abbey and her mother don’t have much, and depending on the day, sometimes they don’t even have a roof over their heads. She wants more out of life than just wondering where her next meal is. So she shouldn’t be wasting her time daydreaming about going on a selfish quest, should she? Does she have the strength to leave behind what little she has? Will she have the courage to break through the illusions surrounding her and lift the cloak of shadows?

A Neophyte’s Tale centers around a young girl named Abbey, who lives with her troubled mother and witnesses something that changes her. She’s always been able to sense things more keenly than normal people, but she doesn’t know what that means yet. This novella is very short, so short that I left it without really getting a ‘feel’ for the upcoming story. It’s interesting, and I’m very curious as to who Lourdie is and what her story it like. I’m also pretty interesting in seeing what exactly this school that is mentioned briefly is like, and how Abbey will adapt to stability. I will be reading the first book, but I don’t feel a burning need to continue at this particular moment.

3 star

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