Read Play Blog: What Video Game Would I Live In?


Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted byHappy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

This Week’s Topic is….

Which video game would you want to live in or be the main character of?

This is a tough one…especially when you consider the storylines of majority of the games I like. Most include to some extremely deadly involvement, which all hinges on how I react to a situation. I’m not saying the world would end on my watch…I’m just saying you might not want to put that sort of weight on my shoulders.

And then living in most of these worlds would either be incredibly mundane or terrifying beyond all reason.

Oblivion – “Why is there a gate to Oblivion in my backyard? OH GOD, MONSTERS ARE COMING OUT OF IT!!”

Skyrim – *is buying goods from the blacksmith when dragon files over* “Oh crap…” *watches random person shout really loudly and a thunderstorm appear directly above town* “Damn it…why did I even leave the house today?”

Mass Effect – “HA Reapers, they said!” *hears odd roaring noise, looks up, reaper ship appears* “Damn it….”

Zelda – *is cutting grass, when the sky goes dark and random pig monsters begin appearing* “Umm…” *watches teen begin frantically stabbing monsters, before setting his sights on your precious pots.* “Oh come on!”

Dragon Age – “I hate blood mages….” *looks at all the demons running around, looks at hole in the sky…*

Assassin’s Creed – *lives normal life, but is sort of fearful of both the corrupted government and the random man that jumps off of rooftops just to stab people.*

So…to be honest, I have no clue which one I’d even choose. I’d either die, want to move away immediately, or end up obliterated along with the rest of my planet.

Currently Playing

I was playing Deponia on my computer, which is an awesome and hilarious point and click adventure…but then Elder Scrolls came out and I basically decided I no longer need a life outside of it. It’s basically an Elder Scrolls game, but now there are other people running around and a multiplayer PVP area where you kill other factions. It does have some differences from the normal games, but overall I’m really happy with it.


Deponia is a point and click adventure with tons of dorky humor and a lot of face palm worthy dialogue. Oh and by the way…Steam Sale is going on! So there is a good chance you can pick up this game and it’s sequels for a pretty good price.

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12 Responses to Read Play Blog: What Video Game Would I Live In?

  1. My husband decided that his life only needs ESO too. He will play that game devoutly until Fallout 4 releases. Pretty sure I won’t see my husband for a while. Ha. Just kidding.

    It’s been a while since I’ve played a game, but I watched E3 today and I’m excited for some upcoming releases.

    I agree I don’t know if I could name a video game world I would want to live in either. I only play shooting games, and if I don’t survive long on the screen what makes me think I am going to survive in the world???? Great post.

    • My boyfriend if playing ESO until Fallout comes out too. He’s so excited and it’s sort of adorable.
      We watched E3 yesterday too, and I’ll be trying to catch most of the conferences from today if I can. My heart basically exploded from all the awesome yesterday. Tomb Raider AND Mass Effect teaser trailer *faints*

      • I was mostly drooling over the new Rainbow Six game, Halo, and Gears of War. Those all make me drool. I haven’t played Tomb Raider in forever. But the new one made me think about it again. There are definitely a lot of awesome things coming our way.

      • The new one is a ton of fun in my opinion. It has all the stuff people loved from the originals, but with much better (smoother) controls and truly awesome story to tell. One of the few games I’ve replayed. YES! E3 is basically a ‘make your christmas list’ now kind of event.

  2. I’m so excited for The Elder Scrolls Online, but I haven’t bought it yet because I never seem to have time for gaming anymore. It’s good to know your enjoying it though 🙂

    I play a lot of similar games to you. So I also don’t know where I would want to live. Add to that GTA where I would most likely get mugged on a daily basis haha.

    Awesome post!

  3. janceewright says:

    I like to imagine myself in some sort of fantasy world similar to Skyrim, but when I actually think about it, it doesn’t seem very practical. Trying to climb mountains, running into enemies everywhere, and everyone around me being so needy.

    After some thought, maybe I’ll just go live in Hyrule.

    • I didn’t even think about the amount of exercise involved in that game…I’d be so tired. I’d wake up tired. “Hello complete stranger, can you go rescue my wife? You seem like you’re a capable person even though I could have sworn I saw you stealing from my house a moment ago.”

  4. I want to play ESO but I’m being stubborn about the price :’) you thought exactly how I did when trying to pick a world.

    I’ve seen a few people playing Deponia will have to check it out
    My RPB post

    • I don’t really blame you. Gaming is expensive. Thankfully I already had a Xbox Live membership so I didn’t have to pay for that too, but I’m in love with playing MMOs on my console now. I don’t have to worry about my computer messing up.

  5. Oooh glad to hear you recommending Deponia, I sort of bought it on a Steam Sale and never played it, so you’re definitely bringing this out. What a fun post Michelle! Definitely lots of morbid worlds out there, wrought with danger lol.

  6. I’ve been really curious about Elder Scrolls Online! Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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