Review: Sweetened with a Kiss by Lexxi Callahan

SweetenedwithakissSource: Purchased – Kindle Freebie
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Series: Southern Style #1
Edition: eBook, 188 pages
New Adult Contemporary Romance
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Rating: 2/5

Jen Taylor has loved Stefan Sellers all her life. When he surprised her with an engagement ring, she thought all her dreams were coming true. But when she discovers Stefan has an agenda that she never even suspected, she breaks off the engagement and goes to pastry school in Paris. Now she’s back in New Orleans, and she has no intention of marrying him for all the wrong reasons. She just has to convince him that marriage is a bad idea. If only she wasn’t having so much trouble convincing herself.

Stefan Sellers has waited years to make Jen his wife so when she wanted to go to pastry school, he decided a few more months wouldn’t matter. But six months later, the girl he picks up from the airport shows very little resemblance to the quiet, sweet girl he let fly away from him. The girl that came back from Paris is wearing five inch stilettos and waving an attitude that is laying waste to everything Stefan ever thought he knew about Jen. His calm, methodical approach to life is suddenly under siege and he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

Sweetened with a Kiss is a slightly steamy somewhat angsty contemporary romance set in New Orleans. Intended for mature audiences.

Sweetened with a Kiss is one of those novels where the only thing I actually had a problem with was the characters, and unfortunately that’s something I couldn’t ignore. Now, before I get started in my review I feel it’s important to say it’s a clear ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ situation.

The story centers around Stefan Sellers, a very successful and wealthy young man who has his sights set on the childhood sweetheart who is on her way back from France. Jen is coming back from France with doubts about her relationship with Stefan, and is ready to set out on her own dreams possibly away from him. This started out rather…okay. I wasn’t so sure I’d like Stefan, as he’s incredibly meticulous about his plans and he doesn’t really like deviating them for anyone including those involved in said plans. Jen I had a ton of hope for, she seemed like a strong woman who knew what she wanted and wasn’t going to be deterred. Not the case. I had so many issues with these two. Stefan is an alpha male, no doubt about that, but he’s one those alphas that basically all but pee on the woman to make a point. He doesn’t take no for an answer or he has a tough time with basic comprehension, and he recognized the fact that he was being a douche and didn’t stop immediately. I just couldn’t with this guy.

I will admit that the chemistry seemed strained to me, but only because I found him insufferable…so it’s possible it’s there and I was just blinded by loathing for Stefan. I didn’t see it until the sex scenes. Their story was an interesting one, and I didn’t really expect the corporate underhandedness when it came to their business and shareholding, and I really liked the writing style.

On the bright side this is one of those series where the other books (in this case, book) is centered around other characters, so there is still a chance that book two will be as good as I hope it will be. I can see the potential for book two and the writing is solid, even if the characters were…questionable.

2 stars

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  1. Aw sorry to hear the chemistry felt strained

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