Review: Knowing His Secret by K.C. Falls


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Series: Year of the Billionaire #1
Edition: Ebook, 177 Pages
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance
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Rating: 3/5 Stars

He looked like the kind of man even my mother would call smokin’ hot. Eventually, she did. He felt like the kind of man who didn’t just break the rules, but made new ones. He led and it was follow or get out of the way.

Why did a billionaire with a voice like liquid silk and a face like a bad angel take a second look at a girl in no-name jeans, with a fifteen-dollar haircut and a beat up car she calls her “Eep” because the ‘J’ fell off long ago?

I didn’t want to know why and when I thought I knew I didn’t want to admit it. By the time I found his secret, it was already too late. His passion had me hooked like a drug. It didn’t hurt that he pulled the people I love the most out of harm’s way. A girl can get used to a knight in shining armor even when the armor has some very large dents in it.

Knowing His Secret is a quick little romance novella centered around Raina, a young stage manager at theater in a well to-do area. She then meets Tristan a billionaire who enjoys acting in his free time, and has set his eyes on her.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I had some issues with the set up towards the beginning though, I mean…who trades jobs? I imagine that’s a lot of paperwork that the bosses have to go through just because two best friends are bored in their respected fields. At any rate, this one turned out to be a quick, fun and easy read. The main character is pretty likable and has her head on straight when it comes to a lot of things, no ditsy poor girl here. She’s comfortable with her lifestyle, comfortable with the money she makes, and does immediately warm to the idea of having expensive gifts bestowed upon her. Tristan takes longer to like, simply because his mood is capable of taking a turn when he’s stressed out…and you don’t find out why until about half way through the book…even then it’s only second hand knowledge so there is no detail. The whole ‘lover to confidant’ thing is sort of sweet, and I can definitely see some confrontations happening in the future because of it so I think it’ll be interesting to see how Tristan reacts to Raina knowing part of his past that he keeps closed away.

The chemistry between these two was pretty good too, not the best…but it definitely there. The sex is a bit on the vanilla side and does make this one a softer, though not necessarily sweeter read.

This one does end a on a bit of a cliffhanger as they fly off to vacation, but it’s not too bad. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the second one because I’d really like to know how it goes.

3 star

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  1. The chemistry sounds decent in this one and glad it pleasantly surprised you

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