Reading & Ranting: Wreck This Journal Part 2


The Wreck This Journal started as many do, empty and pristine…just waiting for someone to come along and take out every stressful moment, every free once of time on them.



It’s time for a second installment of My Wreck This Journal Journey! I’ve been working on it in a similar regular schedule now, but it doesn’t seem like I’m any closer to completing it.

Instruction, Title Page, & Add Your Own Numbers


I took a collage of these pages before I decided to do a feature and now I’m too lazy to go back and take individuals of them. I love the stars on the instructions page, and the star stickers on the page next to it. I had previously did the Numbers page, but hated how it looked so I added Binary to the background to make it seem less messy.

This Page is for Fingerprints


Challenge accepted! I wanted to originally do a dandelion with fingerprints, but after not doing anything with the idea for weeks I just decided to throw it out, paint the pages black and do a finger print galaxy. Now it’s one of my favorites.

Decorate the Edges of the Book


This is where I rediscovered my hate of drawing on the sides of books, it’s so difficult to get the damn thing to work. It’s hideous, but I like it.



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3 Responses to Reading & Ranting: Wreck This Journal Part 2

  1. This makes me want to take out my own neglected Wreck This Journal out and do some destroying! Yours looks great Michelle.

  2. The fingerprint galaxy is way better than a daisy! I love that. I have a journal I started in 1980 and every once in a while I find it and add things. There is not much personal artwork in it though, so next time it turns up I will have to start doodling in it. I love these journaling posts. I might not comment on everyone, but I do stop in. I think i will start leaving a smiley face just to let you know i was here. 🙂

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