Product Review: Fandom of the Month Club – August 2015


Fandom of the Month Club is a once monthly subscription box that caters to the geek who loves to accessorize. Each month is a new fandom, and it’s a complete surprise as to what it will be.

Monthly – $13 , 3 Months – $36, 6 Months – $66, 12 Months – $120

You can check out the previous month’s boxes as well: April – Harry Potter, May – Lord of the Rings, June – Once Upon a Time, July – Hunger Games


What’s in the Box?


This Month’s Theme is…


The Monthly Info Card with the design from TheHalfBloodPrints  and a super cute ‘Your Princess is in Another Castle’ bag from Sandsink!

? Box


The ring for this month is a question mark box in a light gold tone. I really love having rings that are clearly very geeky like this. It is a bit big for my ring finger and only fits perfectly on my middle finger…which is fine, because I have an odd sense of humor and have already flicked off a friend to show it off.

Power Ups


Another keychain this month, which works for me since I’ve just had three keychains break. These will be right at home next to my Dishonored mask and Deathly Hallows keychain.

Piranha Plant

FullSizeRender (1)

This is a pretty simple addition to this box this month. It’s a standard size magnet with a Piranha Plant on it, which will be perfect for my future fridge.

Star or Mushroom? Why Not Both


These are super cute earrings made from a lightweight and soft clay. Unfortunately my ears are somewhat small, so I have small lobs and these are a bit too big to sit perfectly on my ears. They are really adorable though, so I might wear them anyway.

Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right B, A, Start


Another adorable handmade item, which is probably my favorite in this box! I mean who doesn’t want a cute little NES controller hanging around their neck? It has a longer chain as well, so it’s easy to slip on without unlatching it and it hangs really nicely.

Final Verdict

Sadly, this is to be my last fandom box…but only because I have to save money and I’m cutting back on a lot of things. However, if it were up to this box’s contents alone I would definitely pay for another month! I’ve heard rumors it may be Percy Jackson or Supernatural next month, either way I’m going to cry because I have to miss it.

4 stars

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1 Response to Product Review: Fandom of the Month Club – August 2015

  1. THis box seems to have some really substantial items in it which is good! I like the ring that you got as well as the keyring. Omg Supernatural or Percy Jackson would be awesome!

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