Review: Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation by Bill Nye

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Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
 eBook, 309 Pages
 Non-Fiction, Science
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Rating: 4/5

Sparked by a provocative comment to last fall, and fueled by a highly controversial debate with Creation Museum curator Ken Ham, Bill Nye’s campaign to confront the scientific shortcoming of creationism has exploded in just a few months into a national crusade. In this book, he expands the points he has made, and claims that this debate is not so much about religion versus science, as about the nature of science itself. With infectious enthusiasm, he reveals the mechanics of evolutionary theory, explains how it is rooted in the testable and verifiable scientific method, and why it is therefore a sound explanation of our beginning. He argues passionately that to continue to assert otherwise, to continue to insist that creationism has a place in the science classroom is harmful not only to our children, but to the future of the greater world as well.

Undeniable is a book that stems from a debate Nye had with young-earth creationist Ken Ham, over where science fits into creation and how. Part of me was a bit worried before the debate and this book. When you debate religion and science things can get nasty, but Bill tries very hard to avoid that and I think he was fairly successful. I think if you go into this book expecting a fight, you’ll without any doubt find one. But for every few sentences on young-earth creationism(or science denying) there is an entire chapter for the topic of choice. He is hard on young-earth creationism and those who deny science, but he doesn’t have a problem with religion in itself and I think it’s important to know/remember that.

I will warn you. This is a science book, this is not a book that focuses purely on the debate aspect. It’s not a light book, but it’s definitely not on the same density as say Hawkins. Evolution is a fairly big topic, and it covers a lot of ground…so Undeniable is basically a crash course in what evolution is, how is works, and what it affects. We get topics like vision, bacteria, vaccines, GMOs, and cloning. It’s not something you can breeze through, you need time to process what you’re reading…unless of course you’re already a scientist well versed on evolution in a wide variety of fields. However, that being said everything in the book is presented in a very accessible way with a lot of nifty comparisons to make more difficult ideas easy, like only Bill Nye can do.

It did take me a while to get through this, but I really enjoyed it overall. It was sort of like a older more complex version of watching Bill Nye the Science Guy with each chapter topic being a new episode. For those who love science or simply want to know more about evolution then it’s definitely something to check out.

4 stars

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