Product Review: Ravenclaw Inspired “Scarf” Collar


My dog, Leia has recently become a model for the etsy shop Creative Fiasco Studio, however as a preamble to the review I want you to know that this doesn’t affect my review of this product. One, I wouldn’t allow Leia to become a model for a company I didn’t believe in or enjoy, and Two, I purchased this collar a full 3 months before she was selected.


I sort all of my animals into Hogwarts houses, and my Leia is a Ravenclaw hands down. So I wanted something to share my love for Harry Potter and still represent who she is, and CFS had been showing off a gorgeous Gryffindor Scarf collar that really made me decide to wait for this one to come out. I also had the gold hardware added to really make the gold of the fabric pop out, and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Sabra also packages her collars in cute little envelopes that she makes herself, and because this was meant to be a Christmas present she wrapped Leia’s.

The quality of the fabric is till fantastic, with it’s canvas which is both sturdy and soft. My dog is a dog that enjoys playing to her fullest, which means she regularly get covered in Georgia red clay and this has ruined a great many collars. Not to mention her playmate Kylo can destroy a normal collar in a matter of days. So far all of my CFS collars, including this one has held up perfectly. They do get a bit more flexibility with more wear and even softer to touch, but I haven’t seen signs that the fabric is getting any weaker.


The one small issues I have is the darkness of the blue of the ‘knitting’ versus the darker blue of the background. You can’t really distinguish between them in certain lights, so the blue looks more uniform. However it’s still a stunning piece in person, and I love how it looks on her.


4.5 Stars

Interested in maybe getting a collar for your pet? You can use coupon code LEIA15 for a 15% off discount at checkout!

You can also see more photos Leia in her CFS collars and follow her on instagram, at FurPrincessLeia.


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