Product Review: #GlamVoxBox- Influenster #ChoosetoSmooth #SoCutex


I received the Glame Voxbox from Influenster for testing purposes, as well as for a review. All opinions are my own and I received no compensation.


  • Gilette Venus Swirl Razor
  • Gilette Venus Violet Shaving Cream
  • Q-Tips Precision Tips
  • Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads
  • Not Your Mothers: Clean Freak Dry Shampoo
  • Shea Moisture Sample

Gilette Venus Swirl Razor & Violet Shaving Cream


I’m not high maintenance, and  barely pay attention to my razor type or shaving cream. If it’s cheap and doesn’t leave me looking like I jut walked out of a horror movie, it’s usable. But the Venus Swirl razor is really calling that into question and it’s making that razor price tag seem a little less steep. This thing is smooth! I was seriously questioning if it was doing anything the first time I used it because it just glides across your skin. The Flexiball (the silver thing in the middle) actually works, and helps get in the tough areas like around the knee without trouble. Anything that makes shaving less tedious is definitely worth it.

At first I wasn’t all that impressed by the gel, I’s just gel. However after I accidentally used my previous brand with the new razor I could tell the difference. My legs were still smooth, but not as much. SO I think this razor works best when paired with it’s own gel, instead of the cheap stuff I normally use.

4 stars

Q-Tips Precision Tips

I didn’t even know Q-Tips made different types of swabs, which is pretty cool. These seemed to be aimed at use with beauty products and so I tried them out when painting my nails. I’m fairly messy when it comes to nail polish since a medication I use to take caused my hands to develop tremors, so the extra help cleaning up the edges is appreciated. I think these work quite well for the most part, and with a little bit of remover it did the trick! A few of the tips were softer than the majority and didn’t quite hold up under the tiny bit of pressure I applied, which smudge the paint a bit…but since I’m used doing that on a much bigger scale it’s not the big of a deal to me.

4 stars

Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads

You can see a video of me using them here – Instagram

These are little individually wrapped square pads that are soaked in polish remover, which is made from botanical oils  and acetone. They have managed to tone down the acetone smell quite a bit and it smells more like eucalyptus, which is fantastic! One pad removes polish from all ten nails, and honestly I feel like it could probably remove even more before it dried out. The oils are supposed to help strengthen your nails, but seeing as my nails are already incredibly strong I don’t think I’d notice too much if it did.  For a pack of 10 pads it runs at around $3.50 to $4, which isn’t bad at all…though if you paint your nails every two days it may not be as practical as buying a large bottle of acetone remover.  However that aside I really like these! I definitely think I’ll pick more in the future. It’s so much easier to just rip open a pad, use it, and toss in the trash than it is to constantly have to soak cotton balls or circle pads over and over just to get my nails clean.

4.5 Stars

Not Your Mother’s: Clean Freak Dry Shampoo 

I’m always hesitant to try new products on my hair..because it’s sort of unique in the way it responds to most things. But seeing as washing my hair is more of a 3 hour thing as opposed to a 10 minute thing, I figured I’d try this out because washing my hair every day is very impractical. I’m not actually sure this did anything different to it. My hair requires me to add oils to it to keep it healthy, so it doesn’t actually get oily in the traditional sense…so this shampoo didn’t really have to do that job to begin with. However, my hair does retain smell…I could go to a pizza place at noon and the wake up the next day with pizzeria smelling hair, it’s a tad irritating…Thankfully this shampoo, while unscented, gets rid of that problem perfectly! Just a few sprays at the roots of your hair, a bit of working it through with your hands and brush, and you’re good to go. It’s quick and easy, and gets me through the days where spending 3 hours under water, combs, and straightening irons just don’t sound appealing.

3 star

Shea Moisture Samples: Facial Wash & Scrub, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, and Anti-Aging Facial Mask

This was a three pack sample of three different SheaMoisture products. Of the three I really love the Facial Wash & Scrub the most because the difference in the way my skin felt was pretty immediate. I have this odd rough patch of skin on my chin, most scrubs only irritate it because it’s sensitive, but the SheaMoisture scrub actually managed to hydrate the area and make it smoother. And the the moisturizer feels quite good once on the skin, I found that it doesn’t leave a weird residue either so that’s a total win as well. I’m not big on facial masks, but this one was quite nice and I didn’t mind sitting around with stuff on my face as much as I normally would. The shea butter smell mixed with frankincense and myrrh is heavenly (no pun in intended) making the experience even more enjoyable. These are definitely on my to buy list in the future!

4 stars

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