Review: Jughead by C.J. Frye

JugheadSource: Bookstore Inventory 
Publisher: Grace Garland Publishing
 Paperback, 172 Pages
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Rating: 4/5

On probation, banned from the only job he knows, out of money, Roger and Susan thought things couldn’t get worse – until they are tormented by Jughead and his lawless, close-knit southern clan who wreak further havoc on their lives.

Jughead is the first installment in CJ Frye’s “southern crimes” series. Set in Palmetto and Rico Georgia, CJ Frye gives a local flavor to southern psycho terror.

Jughead is written by an author who has his books on consignment at my bookstore, and I figured since he is local and I’m going to try and sell some of his books for him that reading it would be beneficial and I’m glad I did! It’s super short, but it’s packed full of fast paced goodness!

Roger and Susan have just moved to Rico, Georgia, after a run in with the law that has left them with a probation officer and no bank account to speak of. The town seems rather quint, until they realize that their neighbors are trouble personified. We are sent on a fast paced ride as Roger tries to keep his head above water, and squares off with his neighbors over their excessive partying and aggression. The plot moves quickly and I got through it in less than a day, but it certainly packs a punch!

The ending tied up sort of neatly…but left plenty of little loose ends that could very well lead to some future confrontations with the Littles, his neighbors. I wouldn’t call this a light thriller, as it definitely has a few stomach turning moments, but it was a fantastic little read that fit perfectly into a lull in my reading schedule.

If you’re looking for something quick but addicting then Jughead might just be the thriller for you! I look forward to reading the second novel when it’s published.

4 stars

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2 Responses to Review: Jughead by C.J. Frye

  1. I love hearing about hidden gems. He needs you to design another cover foir him. 🙂

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