Sunday Post (210)

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. ~ Inspired by the meme In My Mailbox.~ It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Books Read

  • Captain Marvel Volume 1: Rise of Alpha Flight (Graphic Novel)
  • Shadowed Glass by Charlie Pulsipher
  • All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Last Week

Monday: Before We Visit the Goddess by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (Review)

Tuesday: Tell Me Tuesday (What I’m Reading)

Thursday: Dare to Take by Carly Phillips (Audiobook Review)

Friday: Flix Friday (Dark Matter & Extraordinary Tales)

Saturday: Darth Vader Vol.2: Secrets and Shadows (Graphic Novel Review)

Book Haul


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11 Responses to Sunday Post (210)

  1. Greg says:

    Alpha Flight’s back? I guess I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to Marvel… I always kinda like the concept but not sure if this is the same thing as the earlier one. Hope it was good…

    • Yep! I never read a lot of the previous Alpha Flight, just a few old issues here and there but not enough to get a feel for it. So far I like it though, kind of a Earth’s first line of defense type thing. Plus Captain Marvel is actually back to doing something worth reading, I almost didn’t pick this run up because the previous one was so disappointing but it’s off to an awesome start so far

  2. I’m dying to read Hamilton, I have the soundtrack and am obsessed with it!

  3. Stacy Renee says:

    I feel like I’m totally out of the loop with this Hamilton craze! I haven’t seen or heard anything about it other than everyone fangirling about it. Haha, I should probably get on that. 🙂

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Literature

  4. Great week you had! With Captain Marvel, is that the run by G. Willow or is this another new series for Captain Marvel? Here’s my Sunday Post:

  5. Deborah says:

    I haven’t actually heard anything of Hamilton other than the fact it’s a musical and won a stack of Tony Awards. I’m in Australia though, so perhaps that’s it. Was it a book first?

    • Hamilton is based on the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the U.S. founding fathers. He started our national treasury. It’s a historical narrative, told with mostly with rapping and hip hop but also has some jazz and R&B type songs.

  6. Hamilton is everywhere I look lately, so curious!

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