Reading & Ranting: Serial Reader App


So life has been busy for me lately…and not really in the most helpful way in terms of wanting to read or finding time to read. While on Litsy (another book app, but more on that later) several people started talking about Serial Reader and how amazing it is.


Serial Reader is basically what it sounds like. It’s a reading app that allows you to read classic novels in serial format. The basics of are as follows: Find a book to read, click subscribe, choose a time for your serial issues to be delivered everyday, and at that time you will get a small portion of the story delivered to you through the app. Super simple!

You can download this for FREE!! Or you can pay $2.99 for the premium version.

Free Version

  • Read any of the uploaded serials
  • Read as many serials at once as you want
  • Choose a time to have it delivered
  • Receive badges as achievement markers

Premium Version

  • Read any of the uploaded serials
  • Read as many serials at once as you want
  • Choose a time to have it delivered
  • Receive badges as achievement markers
  • Use of highlights and note taking
  • More fonts (including a font that helps with dyslexia) and background colors (black, beige, etc.)
  • Use the Read Later option, to subscribe but save them for a later day
  • Find friends on Serial Reader
  • Skip to the next day’s issue
  • Be able to sync your account to the cloud and have your progress transfer if you switch phones.

I personally bought the premium version and I think it’s worth the $3 because I’m going through a bit of a phone issue right now and I’d like to be able to have my progress saved if I have to get a “new” one…again. The other fonts and the ability to skip are fantastic bonuses.

As you can see from my nifty screenshots the app has a pretty simple interface. The first picture is what your “home screen” will look like. The serials you’ve actively subscribed to will be up top with your current issue read to go. Before you read it, it will tell you the approximate reading time (Ex: The Romance of the Forest, Issue 5 is 13 mins in length) and once you finish it it’ll tell you it’s finished. Then your count down to the next issue is below it. Serial Streak is just for those who like accountability for reading. Under that where the screen is cut off will be all Serials. This includes the ones you are actively reading, the ones you’ve completed in a tab.

The second photo is an example of part of the page where you can select a new read, it has nifty little categories including useful ones like Long Reads or Quick Reads. Each book will tell you how many issues it will be split up into. You can kind of see it above the books on the first image. (ex: The Prince has 11 issues, so that’s 11 days of reading) The books are all books that no longer have copyrights to them, which is to say they are all currently classics. If you have

The third screen is the little pop out menu on the side, this is basically just to give you an idea of the ease of navigation. If you have the premium version you can utilize the Highlights, Notes, and Read Later sections here.  If not then really the only one you’ll be able to use is the Badges section, which contain cute little achievement badges like “6,487 Words Read – Thomas Jefferson’s Library” which is how many books he had at the time he sold his library to the Library of Congress.

I definitely love this app! I’ve been having a hard time fitting in all the books I want to read and as the years ago by I’ve less and less time to delve into classics like I use to. Now I basically have a little notification on my phone that says “hey read this” and I can read a portion of a classic everyday under normal or hectic circumstance.


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5 Responses to Reading & Ranting: Serial Reader App

  1. Briana says:

    A few years ago I briefly used a service that would email you a chunk of a book a day. I read The Time Machine by HG Wells that way and enjoyed it, but that was it. I think it worked out well for me because that book is relatively short. I mostly found it frustrating when I tried it with a couple other longer books.

    • It is a little frustrating with longer books I’ve noticed, but you can read ahead if you choose to. It sort of screws up the delivery time for about a day though. But so far I’ve read two books I’ve been meaning to read but never had the time for, so some of the frustration pays off.

  2. Lauren S says:

    I’ve just started using Serial Reader recently too! (The free version) And I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect way to read a bit during a tea break at work. So far I’ve read Jekyll and Hyde and I’m currently reading A Little Princess.

  3. This sounds great! I am going to go see if there is a Kindle friendly app..It looks like a great way to read some of the classics I have been meaning to read. 🙂

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