Reading & Ranting: The Playlist Shuffle


I found this tag over at La La in the Library and thought it seemed like a ton of fun! Make sure to head over to her page and check out her selections!

I listen to a bit of everything so this list is going to be kind of all over the place.

The Rules

  • Listen to 10 songs on shuffle! No skipping!
  • Write your favorite lyric or verse from that song, or perhaps even an antidote
  • Tag others.

Salt In Our Wounds  – HIM 

The fact that my favorite band popped up first is perfect. This one isn’t a favorite song of mine, but it definitely captures some of the reasons I love the band. Each album has a different flavor to it and the album that Salt In Our Wounds comes from (Dark Shadows and Brilliant Highlights) is a darker more melodic experience.

“Here we are, just like before. Waiting for the warmth of that tender storm.”

Hakai No Hate- Malice Mizer

Malice Mizer is one of the Japanese Visual Kai bands that I found in high school. Hakai no Hate isn’t really one that I listen to a lot and one I didn’t bother learning the english translation for. But it has that eerie gothic sound that I love about them. The band went through “Eras” where a different singer took over and my favorite is the Gackt era. They were also amazing live and definitely knew how to put on a show. Favorite songs: Illuminati and Au Revoir.

Wait – Sweeney Todd Soundtrack

I love Helena’s voice. It’s not traditional, which I think fits her perfectly, and I think it really fits the character perfectly.

“Don’t you know silly a man, half the fun is to plan the plan”

Let It Be – Across the Universe Soundtrack (Carol Wood & Timothy Mitchum)

Fun fact….I hate the Beatles but I adore this movie and the soundtrack. I can’t make it through an original Beatles song without wanting to gouge my eardrums out because I really hate their voice and the things they put those poor guitars through. But this movie really made me appreciate the lyrics and how beautiful/fun the songs are….even if I prefer covers over the originals.

“Whisper words of wisdom, Let it Be”

Your Sweet Six Six Six – HIM 

This is from Razorblade Romance, my first HIM album…RR is a much more passionate album with more guitar riffs and all out lyrics. I had to defend this song from a lot of religious nuts during high school, and explain that no it’s not about the devil but a complicated relationship. This whole CD was one I had to explain to lot of people now that I think about it.

Guilty – The Rasmus


This was my first Finnish band…i say it that way because they were basically the gateway band to all the epicness that is Finnish rock music. I saw a music video for In the Shadows, fell in love with how dark it was and then it lead me to HIM, The 69 Eyes, Uniklubi, Apocalyptica, Negative, Nightwish and Lordi. (Seriously, Finland breeds epic musicians or something)

Hell Yeah – Bloodhound Gang

And here is probably the most blasphemous song I have, so if you’re religious…sorry?Bloodhound Gang was a freshman year of high school acquisition, so the maturity level is pretty low. So I got this album and one other for two reasons: 1) the wordplay…I like puns,  and 2) because one guy told me that I wouldn’t know them because I was a girl. I showed him up by immediately singing all of Bad Touch w/o messing up after only listening to it a few times (my memory is really really good with lyrics) and then proceeded to quietly buy the albums to cover my bases just in case someone demanded a repeat.

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

One of the few pop albums I have in my library!

A Seafarer’s Knot – Fair to Midland

I love this album so much! The lyrics are weird and don’t make sense without a lot of thought behind them, but it has a great sound and I love the singer’s voice.

“Lucky is the deer in the headlights.”

I Tag Everyone! If it seems like something you’d like to do drop me a link in the comments when you post yours! I love to see what other people have on their playlists. 

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3 Responses to Reading & Ranting: The Playlist Shuffle

  1. One of the bands I get sent to “babysit” on occasion by my old boss does a couple of HIM songs. One is Love Without Tears, and I can’t think of the other one right now. I had never heard the actual band before. I really liked that second video. I am going to check them out. I love Sweeny Todd! My son took my CD of Across the Universe and I think he listened to it over a hundred times, but he also likes the Beatles. Great shuffle list and I am still envious of your purple iPod. Ha ha. 🙂

    • That’s really awesome! I love seeing them live, I used to watch the Rock AM videos a lot because I didn’t ever think they’d come to Atlanta. 😛
      I hope you find some songs you enjoy!

      I’ve had my Ipod with me since I did this list, it’s been fun rediscovering some of my old music.

      • I am glad the tag reunited you with your old favorites. I ended up putting some of the songs that are on my iPod on my Kindle, but I had to rebuy them because there is no way to transfer them. At least no non hacker way. Ha ha. 🙂

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