Audiobook Review: Scavenger – Evolution by Timothy C. Ward

scavenger-evolutionSource: Audavoxx – I received this in exchange for an honest review. 
Publisher: –
Series: Sand Divers #1
Narrator: David Robinson
Edition: Audiobook, 6 Hours  52 Minutes
Genre: Sci-fi Post Apocalyptic
Purchase: Amazon / Audible / Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4/5 Stars

In the future, sand divers search the depths for the lost city of Danvar and the truth behind their bleak existence. Divemaster Rush hasn’t dove since he lost his infant. A job offer turns from an escape to a trap and the lure of a hardened heart to survive like anyone else would. One dive leads to another. Farther and farther from the surface, death and evolution change his world. He’ll have to change to or watch his wife rise without him.

Inspired by Hugh Howey’s world of Sand. Written and sold with his permission. Scavenger: Evolution takes the landscape of Dune and throws in the pacing and thrills of Alien.

Evolution is a sci-fi thrill ride set in Hugh Howey’s Sand! I haven’t read Sand but  now I really really want to, and if you haven’t read it then don’t let it deter you from trying this one out because it’s a great standalone listen!

Rush is a man stuck in a dust covered world where any weaknesses can be carved out of a person, and that’s exactly what has happened. At the beginning of this novel Rush is in the midst of living a hollow life, devoid of his now dead son and the wife he left behind, and he’s forced to put himself back into the equation when a man offers him a job that changes everything. I liked Rush. He’s definitely got some jagged edges to him, but under that hardened exterior is a man in mourning. I really liked his overall development and they way he handles the tough situations that they all find themselves in. He has a sort of gritty edge to him that makes him a damn fine character to follow, but it’s his heart and determination that really start shining though especially in the second half.

The world itself is pretty cool as well…well as cool as a world covered in sand can be. It’s definitely a desolate place, but I like seeing how characters handle living in places where living isn’t exactly the best thing to do. The plot moves rather quickly once Rush makes his decision in the beginning chapters, and barely slows down at all. Instead it moves from one problem to the next, not giving you nor the characters a true chance to catch their breaths.

David Robison does an excellent job of telling the story and has the perfect voice for it. He has this sort of gravelly gruffness, that captures the feel of the entire story and quite a lot of the characters with little to no effort. The only issue i had was there were a few instances where I lost track of who was talking because a few of the voices were similar.

If you are looking for a sci-fi adventure with a ton of action, twists, and grit then I’d definitely recommend Evolution. It’s a quick listen that will leave you craving even more when it’s over.

4 stars


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