Review: the wolf & her moon by louve -ch

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 ebook, 374 Pages
 Nonfiction Poetry
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through my poetry I bare my soul.
a tale of a queer girl’s life, from abuse, mental health, love, trauma, and healing.
take a journey with me as I conquer my demons and fight my way back to the moonlight.

Poetry is a hard one for me to review because I really haven’t reviewed a whole lot of it, and it’s also something highly subjective. So keep that in mind when moving forward, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

I quite like the collection presented here. It speaks of the poet’s experiences with love, trama, self-discovery, healing and mental illness. The book does contain subjects that can be difficult to read about, but she included a list of trigger warnings in the beginning just in case anyone needs that heads up.

Some of the poems really spoke to me and even though a few of them were only a line or two long I found myself re-reading them a few times, especially those that spoke about depression and the way people view you vs. the way you view yourself. The imagery she uses in her poems is beautiful even in those that cut deeper and leave you raw. I find that reading other people’s experiences with the same things I deal with help me process my own issues, sometimes in different ways than I would have done on my own. It’s an interesting healing process that sort of opens myself up to other options.

As a part of the LGBTQA community, I also value the experiences she shared with her own sexual and gender identities and I think she did a wonderful job of really capturing the emotions of self-discovery from fear to acceptance.

Louve -ch is definitely one to look out for in the poetry world, and I thank her for sharing something so personal and providing what could be inspiration and healing to others going through similar experiences.

4 stars


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3 Responses to Review: the wolf & her moon by louve -ch

  1. I have a hard time liking poetry. About the only poet I like is Langston Hughes. The cover is wonderfu!. 👍✨

  2. Thanks for sharing this! As a poetry author myself I always like seeing this kind of review.

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