Sunday Post #311

Sunday Post

The Sunday PostΒ is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I totally forgot to schedule my SP for last weekend, so this contains the past two weeks! I slowed down on reading in the previous week, because The Stand was so tediously long that I was ready to never touch another book but I am pushing through the feeling of malaise.

I’m still unemployed and still job hunting. I applied for a library job, but I don’t think I got it. Still, it’s hard not to be hopeful because it would be perfect for my schedule and lack of driver’s license. It’s hard to find jobs in the area when you can’t drive and can barely stand to be in cars with people you know (let alone with random Uber drivers).

I found some little cage lights in the Halloween section at Target so now I have them on my shelves, and they are super cute! You can see that here

Books Read

  • The Stand by Stephen King
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Illustrated Edition
  • His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik
  • A Higher Loyalty by James Comey
  • Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston
  • Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Last Week

Tell Me Tuesday (2 Weeks Ago)

Tell Me Tuesday (Last Week)

Night Shift by Stephen King (2 Star Review)

the wolf & the moon by louve ch- (4 Star Review)

Book Haul


I got to open my Tolkien swap box and adored it! I shared a picture of everything here, as well as a close up of the Smaug pop I got!

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19 Responses to Sunday Post #311

  1. Jackie says:

    Awww how cute are the lights! I have lanterns and purply looking ones. I hope you liked Fantastic Beasts. I read it after I watched the movie and it shed more light on the creatures and characters and everything. I really liked it. The Stand is my boyfriends favourite Stephen King book. I don’t like Stephen King but he’s inundating the bookstore shelves with his writing lately! I hope Naomi Novik’s new book was good. I’m curious to see what you thought about Pierce Brown’s Golden Son

    • I did enjoy Fantastic Beasts! I read the original some time ago, but this one really felt like a ‘textbook’ and the art was great!
      I’m starting to not like King myself, but I’m giving him a few more tries just to make sure I guess.

  2. Greg says:

    My reading’s been on and off. I was stuck in a slow book and then followed it up with a good one, thankfully. Hope you get the library job, but if you don’t hope something even better comes along. Have a great weekend Michelle!

  3. It has been a long time since I read the Stand. At the time I loved it. I am going to hope you are wrong and that you get the library job. Have a lovely week my friend!

  4. Olivia says:

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of Baru, that one’s been on my list for a while. All the best with job hunting, keeping my fingers crossed! I hope you have a good week πŸ™‚ And some positive news!

  5. StackingMy BookShelves says:

    I loved The Stand by Stephen King. I hope you enjoyed it. Enjoy your week!

    Mary my Sunday Roundup 33!

  6. carolesrandomlife says:

    My reading has been slower lately as well. Sometimes it is a book that slows me down and sometimes it is life. Good luck on your job hunt. I hope you get the position at the library after all. Have a great week!

  7. Good luck with the job hunt! I recently applied at my library, too, and got rejected. I hope you enjoy your new books.

  8. Heidi says:

    What an eclectic mix of books. I think your cage lights on your bookshelf look great. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  9. I’m also unemployed at the moment and I’m also trying to find a job. Let’s hope both of us have better luck in job searching! Good luck!

  10. I’m sending quadruple positive energies for that library job. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you. πŸ‘βœ¨

    I hope you are having a wonderful week. 🌞

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