Excerpt & Giveaway: Gateway Trilogy by Christina Garner


Release Date: 06/2014

Summary from Goodreads:
Ember has always known she doesn’t belong
in this world. But when she tries to correct the mistake, she wakes to find
herself in a mental institution.
She’s soon drawn to Taren, the mysterious boy with hazel eyes. He’s not what he
seems, but what is he?

When chaos erupts, they are forced to flee the institution together, and the
secret that Taren has been keeping brings Ember closer to understanding her
own. And leads her to… the Gateway.

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Excerpt from Book One

“Did she hurt you?” Taren asked. “Your head hit the tile pretty hard.” That explained the spinning, and the pain that was starting to seep through the cracks of my shock.

I reached up to touch the back of my head.

“Ow! Yeah, I guess she got me pretty good. What was that about, anyway?  What’s her problem with me?”

Before he could answer, one of the nurses approached. “We’ll get you checked out now, dear.”

“I was just going to get her some ice,” Taren said, his hand on the small of my back, steering me away from the nurse.

“Don’t be silly,” the nurse said. “She could have a concussion. We need to take her to the E.R.”

While she went to confer with an orderly, I stifled a laugh. I had been wanting to get out of there. Maybe if my mother knew I was just as likely to lose my life inside the mental hospital as out, she’d spring me that much sooner.

“Wait.” Taren leaned close, his breath in my ear. My pulse went back to racing. “Do you have any…birthmarks?”

His question was so bizarre that I was heedless of the pain and snapped my head to face him.


His eyes were only inches away, boring into mine. He grabbed my wrist and pushed up the sleeve of my hoodie, searching. I tried to pull away, but his grip was too strong.

“Do you?” he asked again, checking the other arm.

“N-no,” I stammered.

Intensity didn’t usually unnerve me, but at that moment, his definitely did.

“Taren, enough!” the nurse said, hurrying back to us. “What on earth are you doing?”

She pried his hands from my arm, causing Taren to come back to himself.

“Nothing, sorry.” He dropped his gaze. “Sorry, I hope you feel better.”

He turned abruptly and strode away.

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  • The Vault of Dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien
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  • The Bodies We Wear by Jeyn Roberts

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  • The Look of Love by Bella Andre
  • The Xibalba Murders by Lyn Hamilton