The Ratings

Every book reviewer has their own way of looking at ratings and you can never really know how exactly they see a 3 star rating book without some explanation. The 5 star system is a tad flawed due to changing opinions and subjective elements but it does make book reviewing slightly easier in the way of categories and tags.

5 stars

  • 5 Stars – I loved it! These are rare for me and reserved for those I feel I can’t live without.
  • 4 Stars – This is a high rating from me and far more common then a perfect 5. This means that I really enjoyed the book however I may find one or two things that keep me from giving that perfect 5.
  • 3 Stars – This a book that I simply liked and probably enjoyed enough to read it in a few days, however this is probably also a book that did not ‘wow’ me at all.
  • 2 Stars – To me this means the book was so-so. It rides right in the middle and I don’t have strong feelings about it. This generally means I can find a few redeeming features within the story.
  • 1 Star -This is a book that I personally did not like. This rating is fairly rare, and I do not give it out lightly as I can usually find some sort of positive.

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