Review: Of Ice and Snow by Amber Argyle

20734689Source: Amber Argyle – I received this in exchange for an honest review. 
Starling Publishing
 Fairy Queen #.5
Young Adult Fantasy Novella
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Rating: 3.5/5

Otec thought destiny forgot him…

The middle child of the clanchief, Otec is the overlooked son in an overflowing house. He dreams of escape and adventure, so when a mysterious stranger offers both, he doesn’t need persuading. But when his faraway village comes under attack, Otec will do anything to save the people he loves. Cut off from his nation, he must trust a foreign woman with a dubious past as they race to save his clan. But nothing is what it seems, and Otec may have to trust his enemy if he is to become the leader he was never meant to be.

Destiny is not always kind.

Of Ice and Snow focuses on the story of Illeyena’s (main character of Winter Queen) parents Otec and Matka, and how they were brought together. While this is not my favorite of Amber’s books, it is definitely a great little edition to the series.

Otec who we know as a leader of a clan in Winter Queen, is a young man who tends to the sheep of his clan and wanders the wilderness around the village. He is the unimportant son and we come to know him as a man who is insecure around other people, quiet, and enjoys simple pleasures that others would consider idle. I really loved watching him grow into a more confident leader in the face of opposession and to see just where the personality we come to know in Winter Queen comes from. Matka was a surprise for me. I didn’t expect to like her as much as I did, but her quiet confidence and sad nature really spoke to me. And I really love how they complimented each other, his insecurity with her confidence and her pessimism with his positive attitude. They were good for each other.

This one is a novella but it’s on the longer side, so there is plenty of detail and plenty of plot to be had. Not to mention some really amazing action scenes to get the blood pumping.  It was great to get some backstory on just how the fairies worked humans into the plot for a new Winter Queen, though there role in this while resounding is relatively small.

This is only available in the Daring Hearts box set, so grab it now before it is gone for good!

3.5 stars

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Read Play Blog: Game Characters I Relate To


Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away.

Sorry this is so late! My brain has been in a fog and I didn’t realize I was missing the post until midnight.

This week’s topic is…

Video Game Characters I Relate To

I have a tough time relating to a lot of characters be it in reading or video games…most of the time I see tiny bits of myself in some characters, but never the full combination mixed perfectly.

I tried to pick characters who value intelligence and prefer solitude or control…but the other traits vary on just how prominent they are. They all have a darker layer as well from dark humor to a willingness to do what is needed even when it’s less than desirable.

Morrigan from the Dragon Age franchise – She’s intelligent, enjoys her solitude, fluent in sarcasm, and gets frustrated with other people really quickly. She’s also one of the more grumpy and darker hero characters too, which I totally get.

GlaDOS from Portal – There is no denying Glados is a bit…twisted. But I get her. She’s a mess. She’s anti-social, she’s had to deal with crazy people to the point where she’s a bit crazy herself, her personality is comprised of smaller little personalities that if out of balance could basically stop her from functioning correctly (hello depression, anxiety, and anger/stress management). Granted I don’t want to make people run through tests where they might inevitably die, but I do like knowledge and experiments and I definitely like cake.

Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect – She’s quiet, not overly use to being social, curious to a fault, and huge lover of history. Plus she goes to some pretty steep means to gain information. I really get her insecurity too

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Such is life…

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