Tell Me Tuesday (40)


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Last Read


  • Chewbacca – This was a rather good one-shot dealing with Chewbacca towards the end of A New Hope. It’s not overly necessary plot wise but it’s a good one.
  • Princess Leia – Or a graphic novel proving that she is an entity unto herself and should have more adventures focused on her.
  • Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes – This was so freaking frustrating to read. On one hand, it has some really cool moments, on the other, it’s full of little moments that make me wonder if everyone has completely gone dim.
  • Not Pictured: Several Sherlock short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. I re-joined the Sherlock read-along on Litsy and while I am behind I’m currently working my way through the Memoirs shorts.
  • Not Pictured: Naruto Vol. 4-6 and Vampire Knight 14 – I’m enjoying Naruto, but I’ve seen the entire series so it’s not really anything more than a comfort read. Vampire Knight is one I’ll be happy to finish because it sucks…no pun intended, this series doesn’t deserve puns.

Current Reads

  • The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne – I’m going to be exceedingly plain here…I hate this so far. The story isn’t bad and the writing isn’t either…but the combination of this slow build narrative with the writing style that meanders about is just too much. I’m almost half way done and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this.
  • Thrawn by Timothy Zahn – *inhales deeply* YEEEESSSSSS! I’m in love with this book and this character. Thrawn is a character that Disney revived from the old stories and I’m so glad they did. The Star Wars universe is all the better with him around.
  • Arena by Holly Jennings – My newest pick from Blogging for Books…I’m technically just starting though. I haven’t really been reading physical books a lot so it’s taking some time to get used to.

Up Next

  • Outsystem by M.D. Cooper – I need to get to this very soon as it’s for review.
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien – This will be a re-read and I’m joining in on a Litsy group read of the main Middle Earth books. We’ll be reading a chapter a day starting with The Hobbit (today actually), and then moving to the LotR and then The Silmarillion.
  • Tal’Dorei – This is an RP handbook that gives the details of Tal’Dorei, the fictional world that Matthew Mercer (voice actor) created for his Dungeons and Dragons group which stream on a twitch stream called Critical Role. I need to make a character and such for an upcoming campaign my group will be doing.
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I’m a Rockstar Tag!


This a tag started by La La in the Library!

I don’t really tag people in blog posts, but I really think this is a fun one so if you like it consider yourself tagged! Make sure to drop your link to your post below or send it to me on twitter (@NLibrisVeritas) I’d really love to see it. So let’s get this start!

1. What is the name of your band, or if you are a solo artist, your stage name (example: Lady Ga Ga, Snoop Dog, Puddles the Clown, etc…)?
 This is so freaking difficult, so I no idea. Maybe something odd like Siren’s Armada or some such weird combo of words.
2. What genre or style of music are you known for?
This is tough…somewhere between gothic rock and progressive rock. Something I can really sing to but has some pretty epic guitar riffs.
3. What instrument do you play or are you the lead singer?
I would sing, BUT I’d be able to play guitar and piano if I wanted to. I always imagine a huge crowd quieting as I play the opening notes of a song on piano on stage and then the guitar kicks in and the crowd lets loose.
4. If you could be the opening act for any band currently touring who would it be?
Currently touring? HIM, definitely. This is their last tour season, ever. They will ‘break up’ once the tour finishes out.
5. Who would you name as your musical inspiration? This person can be currently breathing, or not.
Hmm…tough question. I’d want to be versatile like Freddie, but man, do I want to play guitar like Brian May or Linde. Those two speak to my soul through their guitar playing.
6. What special item do you ask for in your dressing room on a tour contract rider?
Kit Kats and Coca-Cola
7. What item from home do you pack in your suitcase to take on tour?
An Xbox One…or really any video game console. I just need to be able to unwind and not think for a bit.
8. What does your stage attire look like?
Lots of skinny jeans (black), calf length boots, and various geeky t-shirts. (What I pretty much wear anyway) Though I suppose on the venue and where we are, I’d probably throw in some nicer more badass looks.
9. What backstage nickname have the roadies given you based on your personality?
Hmm, honestly…no idea. Some of my friends call me Kitty because I apparently act like a cat (not disagreeing though), so maybe that would stick around.
10. Every successful rockstar has a special charity. What’s yours?
I’d either have to go with the Trevor Project or To Write Love on Her Arms, both deal with mental health as well as crisis and suicide prevention. The Trevor project narrows its focus to the LGBTQ youth.
11. What is the title of your memoir going to be?
Impostor Syndrome
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