Product Review: Collage this Journal


Source: Blogging for Books – I received this in exchange for an honest review. 
Publisher: Potter Style
 Paperback, 112 Pages
 Activity Journal 
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository*
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases
Rating: 3/5

This irresistibly interactive journal is filled with dozens of clever ideas for recording your life, such as “Make balloons out of photos from special and happy occasions” or  “Fill the genie’s lamp with wishes.” The author/illustrator’s wonderfully layered photo-illustration montages invite readers to mix media, too, and make this keepsake truly their own.

I requested this mostly because I enjoyed my Wreck this Journal a lot, and while I knew this wouldn’t be the same I wanted to try out something similar. I was expecting something a little more free form with the Collage this Journal, and while I would say I didn’t really get that I do think it’s a really cool idea that would be great for scrapbookers.

My initially desire was for a book to paste a lot of different images into from photos, magazines, etc…but this mostly just prompted for photos, which does make the book more personal..but it also calls for me to print out a ton of duplicates just to finish a single page. There are plenty of prompts that I can still use a lot of magazines and different items to fill (ex:. “What do you wish to understand better” “Pack only your most treasure possessions for a deserted island), and those will probably be the first ones I finish.    I do like that it prompted for different use for the photos like cutting them into balloons or ‘bottling a moment’, there were a lot of really cute ideas that make the pages stand out. The design of the book is pretty cute too, and it’s a pretty soothing book to look at with it’s rustic style and nice earth tones.

I’m not fond of the font they used either…there are times when I just can’t read it, like with the “treasured possessions” page. I probably sat there for a good 15 seconds trying to puzzle out what “Pack only your most AREA SURED possessions” meant. But that’s a total personal thing…I just can’t handle cursive that isn’t my own or super clean.

So while this journal isn’t really what I had hoped for it, it would still be pretty awesome for others to try out! I think it could be really fun in the hands of someone who loves journaling and scrapbooking, I can really see it becoming this vibrant little book of experiences.

3 star

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  1. This sounds like something that would be nice for a younger teen, maybe? I have a journal (a large, pretty, empty book) my college housemate gave me for Christmas long ago that I started gluing things in; sometimes just single words from magazines, verses from greeting cards I had gotten, fortune cookie fortunes, and also writing in it here and there. I have been putting stuff in it off and on since 1979! It gets lost in the jumble and then I will come across it again and put some more randomness in it. I like having it be freeform like that with no prompts. I envision someone coming across it years from now and either thinking I was one rare person, or maybe just a complete nutter. Ha ha! 🙂

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